5 Things Friday

11:50 AM

Friday! Friday! Friday! Friday! Friday!

...oh, did you know it's Friday?!?

1. AZ - so i didn't get to fully recap my birthday/spring training trip to AZ, but let's just say it was nothing short of amazing. I got to spend an extended weekend with four amazing girls, the sun, and my G-men! I mean, really, who could ask for much more? Funny thing is, as I get older I realize, although I have the notion that we should get wasted and party every night we are on vacation, I'm wholeheartedly okay with NOT doing such things. Yes, "FOMO" sneaks up, but really...hangovers at 30 really aren't the business!!

Wheels up!
Drink ticket swag and a wench flight attendant!
Oregano's Pizza Bistro // First meal of the trip!
First Night in AZ!
3/8/14 - Giants v Mariners
Bestest y Yo
Roaring Fork // Night 2 in AZ
3/9/14 // Futures vs Giants (split squad)
2. Hydration - When you know you are supposed to do something, why does it always seem that much harder? As with everything, I'm always trying to evolve and learn, so know how to properly hydrate before a big race has become important. If you asked me, even a year ago, I probably would have scoffed at you and just said drink some water. But I did a little research and am trying to hit 2.2 liters (3 for men)/day leading up to the race. It's a lot, I almost feel water logged...

Ugh, 1.5 liters down..
3. Perspective - Although sometimes it's hard to hear a certain perspective/opinion, it is also nice to know that there are people out there who are willing to provide you with honesty. Whether it's for your career or personal life, it is a blessing to have even one of these type of people who will go out of their way to give you a new perspective on what you are projecting - good or bad. Time to take this to heart and make sure I am being the BEST me possible!
4. Newbies  - I am so crazy excited for all of my family and friends who are running their first halfer in two days. From texts talking about training to carb loading together, its' been a fun ride to be on with them. I didn't have much support or drive when I signed up for my first one, so if I can give anyone some hope/inspiration/smile then I am happy. I am excited to cheer them on as they finish and see the triumph in their faces when they finish their goal :)

This made me smile :)

5. Gluttony - yeah, about that. My waist line is definitely reflecting my food choices lately. When I know I'm going on vacation, my mindset changes dramatically and I let my stomach make my decisions...not my head! But, this has come to an end and hopefully I can get back to eating healthier!
Oregano's Pizza Bistro // Half garlic bread and half cheesy garlic bread

Culinary Dropout // Half order of fried chicken
Culinary Dropout // Monkey Bread (we've waited two years for this)
Roaring Fork // Chicken Tortilla Soup
Roaring Fork // Fried Chicken
Roaring Fork // Huckleberry Cheesecake
Cold Beer & Cheese Burgers // Our entire meal
Ravenous Cafe // Celebrating March Birthdays (Sacramento)
A weekend full of crazy, but the good crazy :)

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  1. I especially love #3. There's always an opposing viewpoint, it's nice to be able to see things from all sides.

    RE: #5: I think my stomach would hate me if I ate all that. When I travel, I HAVE TO eat close to the same way I do at home or I get the worst stomachache.

  2. Exactly! We all need a little reality check every once in awhile!

    Oh my stomach does hate me, which is why I always wonder "why did I just eat ALL of that" then I use my "I'm on vacation" excuse ;)

    Hope you had a great weekend Karen!!


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