Wasn't There Some Big Game this Weekend?!

10:53 AM

We all know the real Super Bowl was between my 49er's and the Seahawks...

I digress, oh well! This weekend started off great. Friday marked the new lunar year for half of my blood line. So to celebrate the year of the Horse (Momma's year), we went out to enjoy some Chinese food with the parentals and my uncle, aunt, and cousin. We ate super early, like senior citizen early, but it was probably the best decision we could make - the service is super slow and it is a pretty popular place to frequent, but the food makes up for any of these antics. I missed most of the US Women's National team playing a friendly against Canada, but I was able to catch the end, which mattered most, because that's when Sydney L scored the winning (and only goal)!

Macau // Mid-Dinner Action

Then it was a movie night with an abundance of candy, because this was my last hurrah before I start my, for a lack of better words, "AZ bikini mode". I was finally able to sleep in a bit on Saturday and had some errands to run. Tame the caterpillars, feed the hungry beast, pick up my bib and race tee, birthday present shop, wrap present, another fun appointment, and enjoy the day! It was a busy and on-the-go day, but also very leisurely. It was so nice outside, I was able to walk to the local Fleet Feet to go grab the gift I needed, then we sauntered over to grab a coffee and go inside a boutique I've always seen but it's always closed. Then it was time to watch the boys (USMNT) play an International friendly against Korea. It was just another little, happy reminder that it is a World Cup year! I can't wait. First baseball starts, then it's World Cup time! I feel bad that I'm not even into the Winter Olympics, which start in a few days :/

Saturday night was the Cali Kid's (Uriah Faber, if UFC isn't your thing) big fight, so as per the usu, we went to a local bar that shows all fights - UFC and boxing - for free. A group of soccer friends always meet up to watch the game, some even walk to a local little restaurant to grab some quick food before or during some of the fights. Another awesome, but awful for me, tradition is that we all bring candy to the fight. Normally its one or two people who bring some, but this time we ALL brought some. We looked like 7-11 threw up on our table, the staff kept stopping by to admire and taste some of the goodness we had to offer. 

UFC 169
I think that if you profess something, your friends will try to make you do the complete opposite! Nice friends, huh? ;) They all knew I had a race (recap will be up tomorrow) the next morning. I set a one drink limit for myself, but as the world goes - that didn't happen! Three drinks and a shot later, we are eating at a local late night spot (Chinese food)! I knew this couldn't be good for my race, but hey...sometimes you gotta live a little (or at least that's what I kept telling myself)!

J & I
Happy Early Birthday Jess // Fireball
J & I
The SRA Super Sunday Run had a late start, which I am so grateful for. I found my #9run6 homie and we started together, but finished separately. After the race, I grabbed a quick water and tried to regain some composure and headed to watch a friend play soccer. The game was right by my best friends house, so she came over with a hot spiced chai (she's the best) and we chatted. It also happened to be her birthday, so I walked back to her house and hung out for a bit (yes, during the game) and came back. After the game, we stopped by so I could give her her present (new running stuff, for a new runner) and so I could snuggle her lovebug (who has been crazy sick for the last few week, poor baby)! 

SRA // Super Sunday Run 10k // Sacramento State
I was starving by this point, so I got try a NEW place out! I love going to new places. Although this wasn't quite on the AZ Bikini mode plan, it was a lunch time meal, so I'm pretty relaxed when it comes to those. We ate at a fairly new spot called Pork Belly Grub Shack. Oh my pork! It was amazing! Of course I had to go for a burger with some pork belly too! It was an instant foodgasm. I don't normally turn away food, but this burger had 2, yes 2 patties, and I had to take one off. It was so damn good, but way too much. You know it's a good burger when you have to use at least 10 napkins! The (dumb) game, yes I'm still bitter, was about to start so we headed home to get ready.

Pork Belly Grub Shack // Big Piggin'
Pork Belly Grub Shack // Hot Mess
I watched it a friend of a friend's house. They weren't messing around in the kitchen! They had a smorgasbord of food! Crock pots on crock pots of goodness for nachos, bahn mi's, every type of appetizer possible, and potato wedges. Sadly, I stuck with my AZ bikini mode and ate tons of veggies off the veggie tray. I had a few bites of a bahn mi, which was amazing and one piece of bread with spinach dip. Generally, I would have went crazy with all this food, but with t-minus 35 days until AZ, I need to stay focused. Well, as focused as I can be!

Needless to say, unless you are a hermit, you saw every social media outlet talking about the game. The horrible, horrible game that was being played. The horrible game even spewed into the commercials, nothing was fun at this point. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the halftime show - I love me some Bruno Mars and RHCP. I find it just ridiculous that Bruno Mars concert tickets go on sale today at 10AM, right after he is the headliner for the Super Bowl. Anywho, since this game was awful and I already had plans, I left sometime during the 3rd quarter.

About a month ago, I posted that I was going to do a savings by week plan that I posted. Well I convinced a few friends to do so as well. L and I decided we wanted to decorate cute jars to entice us to save. Yes we're 30 and yes we still do arts and crafts ;) I came very unprepared, but luckily L had some cute decorations for me to use. It took us all of 10 minutes to actually decorate, but luckily we had other things to do too - gossip and drink wine!

My Jar & L's Jar

It was a good mixture of being a busy bee, but yet still so leisurely....

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  1. I still do arts and crafts stuff too. It is the best.

    1. Hi Karen! Yes, yes they are. I think we slightly more embarrassed that we are 30 and suck at saving money :/ Oh well, at least we now have cute jars to entice us to save :)


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