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We have such a tumultuous relationship...

Yup, it's complicated...
I love it. I hate it. Then, I love it again. I think I'm addicted to seeing my pace and using those  up and down arrows, depending on how my lungs and legs are treating me that day. Yes, Mr. Garmin does well with indicating my pace and whatnot, but there is something satisfying about hitting the up button just one more time or the down button ten times. 

Stem/Tready Selfie

They are probably one of the most boring things to use (at the gym or at home), unless you have a TV with the Giants on or you decide to throw your ear buds in. Otherwise, the repetitive sound of the band moving in a circle can become monotonous. 

It keeps it interesting...
I don't know where I heard it or why I so thoroughly believed it, but I never let my treadmill go below 2% (incline). I lived by the notion that "2% is the same as running outside". Like I said, I have no idea where or why, I just lived by that notion.

So when I read a recent Runner's World article debunking this myth, I was dumbstruck. But do you think it changed my 2% antics, nope, not one bit. I have been doing my speed runs on a treadmill lately and I refuse to do anything less than 2% on that thing - even though it has been proven otherwise.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

In his famous treadmill study, Jones tested experienced runners at six per-mile paces (9:11, 8:03, 7:09, 6:25, 5:51, and 5:21) while they ran on a treadmill that was either flat or inclined by various amounts. Setting the treadmill at a 1% incline made the effort equivalent to outdoor running only to those running 7:09 pace or faster. Let’s face it: Most of us are slower than that. You’re correct if you believe that treadmill runners don’t encounter the “cost” of moving through the air around them (because they don't move; they stay in one place). But it simply doesn’t add up to anything significant unless you’re running 7:09 pace or faster.
What else can Kerrigan teach us about treadmill running? That the biomechanics, contrary to what many believe, are essentially the same as overground running. “We had to do a study on that [here] to convince the National Institutes of Health to fund some of our other work,” she told Runner’s World Newswire. “People have a bias against treadmill running--that real runners don’t do it, or that it changes your leg movements. It’s all garbage. We found some minor changes, but they weren’t the ones people expected, and they don’t affect anyone’s running biomechanics.

The two lines that I set in bold caught my eye when I was reading, even if I didn't quite believe them just yet. 

1. I do not run a 7:09min/mile or faster, so really my 2% incline is not helping me much.

2. Yes, why is there such a stigma around treadmill running. I understand the importance of running outside and being in the elements. But there is something to be said about treadmill running. I was able to PR by a few minutes by training 90% on a treadmill. So quit hating, just because it's different from what you do!! 

After reading this article, I went straight over to Kerrigan's website, where she has created a treadmill show and started to look through her blog. I came along this article My Scientific Personal Advice For Treadmill Training/ where she dishes out a bunch of advice she's accumulated over the years of being a runner and in the science world!

I swear their minutes are longer, than real minutes ;)
So the conversation that Lil and I always have may be pointless. Neither of us continually run a 7:09min/mile. Although since this article has told me it is okay to run without an incline, my stubbornness won't. There is something inside me that says, if I use an incline, I'm working out that much harder. Obviously, this isn't the case, but I'm sticking to it!

A treadmill (and microwave) minute are the worst!!

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  1. Haha, I think treadmills can be a great tool: if the roads are icy and you have paces to hit or if you're training for a hilly race but live somewhere flat, etc. Mixing up the incline keeps your legs guessing and your mind occupied. Sounds good to me.

    Personally, they bore me to tears and gym memberships are expensive here ($80/mo for Matt and I together) so I haven't been on one in years.

    1. I wish I was more dedicated to the road. I get all wimpy when it's cold outside and raining, then I head straight to that dang treadmill ;) Sadly, I need that financial motivation to get me moving! I'm working on my dedication though :)

  2. I hate running on the treadmill. I don't have the patience to stay in one spot for more than 20-30 minutes at a time. It is a lot easier on the knees, but it's hard to stay motivated to keep running. If I'm at the gym running on the treadmill, I always end up getting off and start lifting something heavy.

    1. For some reason, after mile 1 passes it isn't so bad. It helps that there is plenty of people watching at my gym. But I'm always a fan of lifting something heavy!

  3. I cannot stand running on a treadmill i'm secretly afraid of it lol. Love your blog by the way, I too am a girly tomboy. :) just started blogging and my site is

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I love meeting a new Girly Tomboy in the Interwebs! Good luck and have fun blogging, its a fun hobby! xoxo, Ganeeban


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