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2:49 PM

Nike does it AGAIN...

To be completely honest, I'm giving it my personal review after only using it nor 2 training sessions/workouts. I feel justified in doing so, because after each one I am drenched in sweat and wondering how this is even possible?!

They have found another way onto my iPhone and have nestled themselves there, all quite and unassuming. I don't remember when or how I saw the update for a new Nike app. It took me awhile to actually get myself to download the app, even though I know it takes less than 30 seconds. I'm not sure if it's the 5% of me that is still trying to boycott Nike or if I was just that lazy.

Since I enjoyed the Nike+ running app for so many years (pre Mr. Garmin), I figured it wouldn't hurt to try this app out. I hadn't read much about it, but it only took a few seconds to download it from the app store. Done! I even did it at 24 Hour Fitness, as I was warming up.

Once the app is on your phone, you can use your Nike+ account to log-in. Super easy, nothing too hard about that right. Oh wait, you have to remember your stupid password...that always seems to be the hardest part. Definite case of #firstworldprobs !

Screenshot of your "profile", very similar to Nike+
Once you are finally in the app (after about 10 failed password attempts) you are greeted with the the main page that has a summary of your "Total Minutes (working out)", "Workouts", and "Programs". I have yet to figure out what programs are, but I think these are multiple-week duration programs you can stick with, if that's your thing. It's not my goal with this app, I just use it when I want to spice up my visit to 24hour. From here you can choose to "Get Workout" or "Quick Start Be Explosive".

I wanted to keep it simple so I used "Get Workout". Which then brings you to the next screen:

What would you go with? I'm all about getting strong, so I chose "Get Strong". Once you make your selection here, then you are prompted to choose between:

Being confident, or slightly cocky, I figured why not go with "Advanced". Technically, I fit under that category description of averaging 3-5+ workouts a week. Then you are brought to a page that says "Choose Workout". Here, there are a list of workouts with some very interesting names. Things such as "Be Explosive" or "The Heartbreaker", basically pick your poison. Along side the sweetly named workouts are little images of a stop watch, indicating how long the workout is. On this setting, the workouts range from 30 minutes to 45 minutes. I believe in other options, there are even 60 minute workouts.

So to pop my NTC app cherry, I went with the "Dynamic Kettlebell" workout. The only problem or issue I had with this app, is that it does take some time to download the workout and it takes up a lot of space. You cannot simply view the workout, you need to download it and it saved to your phone (in the app).

See the green bar at the top, stilllll downloading!

Select the "Do Workout" and you're on your sweaty little way. There are also two other options that should be noted. You can "Customize Workout" (I did not select this, the whole reason I am using this app is for them to show me what to do, duh!) and also "Set Music" (again, pretty obvious). After you've completed the workout "Customize Workout" changes to "Review Workout". For the first workout I set the music, I don't think it really made a difference, but that is just personal preference.

Also, it should be noted that on this screen it tells you exactly what equipment you will need for this workout. They do not deviate from this list, besides using body weight, but you already have that covered:

For every movement they ask you to do, they have a name, an image, the ability to watch a person do the movement with text describing the movement, and a "pause" option if you need a breather or to stop at any time. The difference between the two that I've tried, was one gave us 10-20 second breaks and the other did not. Each workout varies dramatically, so make sure you make it your own and take water breaks if needed. No need to kill yourself, Nike won't pay life insurance.

After you've sweated all over your stretching map and people have been staring at you, because you're eyes are glued to your iPhone to make sure you are doing the correct movements or you're cursing at the timer to hurry up, you are DONE! A summary page instantly pop's up:

You can rate your workout, it's so easy. Just select the stars you think it deserves. I don't know if I'd ever give Nike 5 starts, but 4 works for me! Being Nike, they want you to brag via Twitter, remind yourself to do another workout, and/or shop their products. The last thing I want to do, breathless and laden in sweat, is shop for some boughie, overpriced Nike gear! But, I won't lie, I was down to brag on Twitter that I used their training app. Maybe all of my 50 followers will be inspired, but in reality, most of the probably just kept on scrolling past my little, special tweet ;)

They also give you a quick little summary shot of the total number of minutes you've worked out to-date with the app. So far, I'm coming in strong at 60 minutes = 2, 30 minute workouts.

As much as I want to knock anything Nike, I just can't. They've done it again, they've infiltrated my life with an app that is useful. Granted, I won't use it every time I hit the gym, but if I'm uninspired to do my own thing, this is an app that I will use for a fallback. They have some good exercises that I've even incorporated into my workouts. It's free, so why wouldn't you try it out...

A free review for a company I still despise, yet financially support...

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  1. Haha!! That's how Nike gets you! I, myself, am a Nikehead, except when it comes to running shoes (Asics, which is actually the precursor to Nike). I've tried a couple workouts from the app and you are right! You build up a good sweat from the workout.

    My problem with the app is also the download thing. It takes up a lot of space on my phone and I find myself pausing when a new move comes up to see if I am doing it right. I guess once you know the moves it gets better.

  2. Yesss! The downloading and storage are the main issue. I'm glad someone else is on the same page as me. I kept laughing because I thought I didn't know what the moves were by their given name, I just didn't know the names of those exercises. Ah well, it's a pretty decent app, even if Nike isn't my style!


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