Race Recap: Super Sunday Run 10k

5:24 AM

First race of the year!

Obligatory race IG collage!

Since my 49er's didn't make it, why not get my run on...since I'm not that vested in the game. I'd be lying if I didn't also admit that SRA had a special if you bundled this race with their 10 miler race, you got a discount ($60 total). So really, I'm just sad my boys in red and gold weren't playing in the big game!

Sacramento Running Association is well known locally, but is more recognizable as the organization that puts on the California International Marathon. This race has been around for awhile, but this was my first time ever running it.

Why purple?

Packet-pick up was the Saturday before the race, at our local Sports Authority. Such a trap for a shopaholic such as myself. They make you walk the entire store to get to the bib and shirt pick up section. Of course, I "had" to browse the store before I made my way back there. For some strange reason the theme seemed to be purple. I'm sure I just don't know and there is some significance, but I couldn't tell ya.

The shirt is one of those knock-off dri-fit shirts. Ones that are cheaply made, mass produced for races, but don't work like a true dri-fit shirt. Not being negative here, just being real. I probably won't ever wear it, ever, but it'll sit nestled in my drawer until I donate it. No extra swag here, just the shirt, the bib, and two Sports Authority coupons. I love coupons, so I was all about this - one was good for the weekend and the other is good until April

I did not really prepare for this race. I know it's only a 10k, but I like to think I can take my running fairly seriously. Seeing as how I fork out money left and right to do these things. Anywho, I didn't really carb up, again because it is a 10k. Also, I made the poor choice of not sticking to my one drink limit the night before the race. Three drinks and a shot later, plus late night eating, meant that my race was probably destined for something less than average.

Everyone entered the race the opposite way, then turned around for the start!

After enough sleep, I was up and att'em! Good thing this race has a late start. They make the kiddies and the 5K start earlier, the 10k is the last race to start. 9:05AM, best race start in my book, for a 10k, not a halfer! This race starts at the Sac State campus and you end on the football field, in the stadium.

14 SSR course map REVISE
SRA // Course Map

Let's just say I felt every mile of this 10k. At the start of the race I found my fellow #9run6 -er, Haley of @iamarunnergirl.com . She's been smashing our #9run6 runs, so I knew I most likely couldn't keep up with her. Luckily for me, she kept me distracted and pushed me to run consistently faster. I doubt if she was there I would have ran at that pace, I was hurting and breathing like a crazy loud mouth breather. She stayed with me until about mile 4, then she finally took my advice and pushed harder (and left me in the dust). Kudos to her, she PR'd her first race of the year!

I felt every step uphill, up the Guy West bridge before mile 1 and every step back up over this bridge at about mile 5.6. From mile 2 to mile 5.6 you run through a fairly flat residential neighborhood. Nothing great at all, I believe my quote after the race was "I don't need to pay for this run, I can just go do it myself." All there was to look at were houses, pretty nice ones, but nothing to make me want to do this race again. As I was coming down the ramp from the bridge, I literally almost ran into some random girl running with her dog. You have to make a sharp left turn around a huge pole/cinder block thingy and then another quick right...and wouldn't you've guessed it, after that last quick right said girl with rambunctious dog were right there. After I dodged the pair (and said a few expletives), I was truly back on the campus finishing the rest of the race. I forget how hilly the actual campus is (there is another race I've done the last two years that uses a similar course). I was struggling, but as soon as I saw the 6 mile marker I knew we didn't have much more to go.

The deets!

I also vaguely remembered someone mentioning that we were going to finish in the stadium. The finish was actually the best part, you loop around the about a fourth of the track and enter the football field. Then you run the entire distance of the football field to finish the race. Some how, some way, I was able to finish strong. I don't know if it was because I just wanted to be done or if I was trying to get some last minute "kills" (my word for passing people) in before the finish line. I knew I was close to my PR for a 10k, but I wasn't quite sure.

Reppin the ladies of #9run6

After I finished, I needed a minute to compose myself. I was slightly dizzy and light headed and could barely get a full breath in (thanks booze and slight asthma). As I was walking out, a guy said congrats on my run and told me he was chasing me all 6 miles! That sounded way creepier than it actually was. I felt humbled, because I generally think of myself as an average runner. And for some to use me as a "kill" feels pretty good! Finally, when I felt stable, I walked out of the finisher's shoot where two girls were giving out KIND bars (score)! My friend met me there and I instantly saw Haley. We took a quick snapshot to represent #9run6 , did a small round of introductions and chatted for a few minutes. I was freezing, but thirsty, so we said adios and went to search out some water. 

There were some tents, a food truck (I think), but nothing too glamorous after the race. However, I was in no mood (as I always am) to stay around and check it all out. After I grabbed some water, we headed back to the car. As it always goes, I was happy to be finished with the race, but I could feel every one of those drinks that I had the night before.

No PR for me this time, but I was 13 seconds shy of my best 10k time. Not too shabby for the state I was in. It was a rough run, but its over and I'll be better for my next one (this Saturday)! 

Still a middle of the pack runner, but totally okay with it!

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  1. I have a lot of shirts that are the cheapo tech ones that don't actually wick sweat.I'd actually prefer a cotton t-shirt to that. Nice work on a tough day!

    1. Yes, my favorite running shirt is a cotton one from this past Thanksgiving. I wish all races would give you an option for registration fees w/ and w/out a race tee.

  2. You did so good! Glad you were there to pace me & I'm glad I was able to push you! :)

    1. Thanks girlie! Glad to run into you and excited you PR'd! It's your running year for sure!


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