January Workout Recap

11:54 AM

I'm pretty old school...

There it is...
In everything in life, for the most part. Well, besides my social media antics. I probably don't use my iPhone to it's full capabilities, rather just for snazzying up my pictures and making awesome collages! So it shouldn't be any surprise that I keep an old school workout journal. I buy one at Target (or at least the last four years or so) and I write down everything I do in there.

I use an "X" if I didn't go to the gym that day and I use a circle around the date if I did go to the gym. It does not matter how long I spent there or what I did, I just track gym visits. Which I can totally just do on 24 Hours website. There is something satisfying about circling the date, signifying that I went to the gym. It's the little, daily victories that make me smile. I also log all miles/distances I do on any type of machine. Since the treadmills aren't always available (thanks to the January crazies), I have to adapt to other machines and workouts.

Just q quick little recap of the month, you've seen most of these already!

So now you know how I roll. Pretty basic, but let's me take a look back at what I did for the month. So I thought I'd do a recap after each month. And since my week has been rather boring, well in blogger land, I decided I'd just write it all down:

January 2014

Gym Visits: 15 Visits
Run: 67.17 Miles
Midtown Strength & Conditioning: 10 Classes
Indoor Soccer: 3 Games
Row Machine: 1.24 Miles
Spin Class: 1 Class
Elliptical: 4.23 Miles
Step Mill: 0.25 Miles
Outdoor Soccer: 0.5 Games (game got called at halftime, due to lightening)
Walk: 0.6 Miles

*This is no specific order.

Not too bad for an average, middle-of-the-pack runner. I love cross training, so my gym visits and strength classes will always be on this list. If you don't see them, something is seriously wrong. Outdoor soccer starts in February and I can't wait to see that number rise. Somewhat bummed by my fairly low mileage, but I did skip a few long runs and speed workouts. Onward and upward, let's see what February has to offer!

1 down, 11 to go...

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  1. Way to get it, girl! Nothing wrong with being old school...love that journal. Great week!! Soccer sounds so fun and sounds like great cross training!


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