'eeeeef Friday

10:54 AM

It's Friday. Its Fabulous. Five Fabulous "F" things going on in my life...

First: Went to my first Yelp Elite event this week (Wednesday). Not only was it my first event for 2014, but it was also my first time going to an event solo. Usually I drag the bestest along or I just don't go. But, I thought I need to be more social and active within the Yelp community, so I went to the YEE solo. To be honest, I assumed my good family friend would be there, but he ended up not being able to make it. His dad was there, so at least I actually knew one person. We sat a table with 2 new elites and chatted the event away. I'm grateful they were super nice and sweet humans, otherwise this would have been a really awkward event....

Yelp Elite Event // Fire Rock Grill // Sacramento, CA

Yelp Passion Guava Drank // Appetizers

Just in case anyone was confused who's wine it was!

Farmers: I was asked to go to a trade show this week (for work), which is totally normal, with the exception that this was a "farmer" trade show. I was completely out of my element, but had a great time. I generally don't mind talking to random strangers, but this was interesting. I was sporting khaki's and my work button up and I felt way over dressed, apparently farmers dig jeans, boots, and flannels. Note to self, remember that! I love how laid back this crowd was, and they are also so easy to talk to and always have a joke ready at the drop of a hat!

Favorite: I found a new salad that is my absolute favorite. The Salmon Cobb salad at a local restaurant on the Grid. Oh my goodness, it has a decent size of grilled salmon, atop a bed of romaine lettuce, bacon, cherry tomatoes, blue cheese, two hard boiled eggs, lemon vinaigrette, and a half of an avocado. I try to avoid ordering salads at restaurants and for dinner, but since I'm trying to be healthier I gave it a shot. I'm soooo glad I did, it was a game changer!

Crepeville // Half Salmon Cobb

Future: So this will be very vague, but I have some really cool things in the works. Some fun things coming in the future, which will take me out of my element and make me try something new. I have been trying to do this more this year, as well as being present, so I feel really good about taking some big chances - especially in my blogging and writing. I've also made it a point to be much more active on Twitter, which I never used to be. It's paying off, (not that this is why I tweet) I got another little shout out this week from some random fitness company and although it means nothing in the real world, I love that they shared a picture I posted.

Twitter // FitBrands

Friendship: I probably say this way too much, but I am so grateful for my crazy group of friends. From my girls who meet monthly to eat food, drink, and gossip to my friends from childhood who have remained in my life to this day - I'm grateful for them ALL. Having had a great girls night last night and also planning my birthday (not even a big birthday that requires a big celebration) I realize I have a great group of supportive, loving, caring, and amazing friends. **PS - Don't my friends make the cutest babies ever?!?

February Girl's Night // Salad Bar Themed
Newest Addition to Girls Night // RylieMalia

This little rascal // Levi

Have a fabulous weekend y'all!

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