Zella, who?

8:50 AM

Question of the day: Is Lulu Lemon depleting your bank account on a weekly basis?

If you're answer is yes, then maybe I have the answer for you. If it is no, then can I please borrow some of your money to buy me some Lulu's?! Just kidding...kinda!

Like many ladies, and some gentlemen, I'm in love with Lulu's just as much as the next yoga sporting pant wearer! Leggings, yoga pants, anything stretchy and black have become a staple in my non-work wardrobe. 

As per the usu, my first stop at the mall is always Nordstrom. I love to look at their "Active" department, sometimes you can get great Under Armour and Nike on sale, while you ogle at the regular priced stuff! I always see the brand Zella, but I never bought anything. Well, this was until this past Saturday!

I love Lulu's, but it's hard to justify spending three digits on material, that disguise themselves as pants, for everyday wear. Anyone out there fell me on this? Granted, I really do want a pair from Lulu, but my baller-on-a-budget ways took over this time. So, as I was looking around I decided to go for it. A pair of simple, black Zella Live In Leggings 

Here are the specifics from the Nordstrom:

Details & Care

Lean leggings, ideal for working out or wearing out, are cut from a stretchy moisture-wicking knit and are sewn with flatlock seaming for a comfortable, chafe-free fit.
  • 29" inseam; 8 1/4" front rise; 14 1/4" back rise (size Medium).
  • Hidden waistband pocket stashes cash or a key.
  • Logo detail.
  • Smooth flatlock seaming won’t rub or irritate.
  • Four-way stretch fabric offers maximum stretch for a wide range of motion.
  • Moisture-wicking fabric dries quickly to keep you cool and comfortable.
  • Zeltek Ultimate Stretch fabric.
  • Intended for: gym, yoga, studio, Pilates, Barre, casual layering.
  • 88% polyester, 12% spandex.
  • Machine wash cold; tumble dry low.
  • By Zella; imported.
  • Women's Active & Swim.
Zella // Small // Live in Leggings

Reversible - One side is more cotton to the touch, the other spandex.
Zeltek, must be the spandex-like material!
Crab feed ready!
Per the lovely sales gal, two things should be noted - A) they stretch out, so go down in size and B) they are reversible. So I was really hesitant to buy a small, but that Nordies training did her good, she convinced me to switch sizes and go with a small. I was way too lazy to try them on. They ended up fitting fine, albeit slightly snug - think like a casing of a chorizo. They worked, enough, so I kept them and I really wanted to wear them for that evening, so they weren't getting returned or exchanged.

As for being reversible, you wouldn't be able to tell unless you touched them while they are on someone (creepy) or if you read the tag. One side has a more cotton look, dull, less sheen. The other side is more like spandex and is slightly shinier. It really isn't that noticeable. Being that they are reversible, they don't have a size tag in them. However, if you are wearing them w/ the cotton side out there is a little, small tag on the outside. It looks like it's a frosted color, if that makes any kind of sense. Given that most often my shirt will cover it, it won't be a problem. Even if it showed, it is not very noticeable or gaudy. I'd compare it to a logo of any other brand on a pant. At least this one isn't on the calf (aaaheem, UA)!

Zella didn't cure my addiction for Lulu's, but they were definitely a great baller-on-a-budget pick up on my part (kudos, me)! They also come in different patterns that I liked as well, but for now I will rock these guys and be content.

Sorry Lulu, I cheated on you and it's kinda working out...

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  1. I'm not a huge Lulu fan, but I've found other great deals on off-brand running clothes. My latest awesome purchase was a pair of running tights from Old Navy for $15. I wore them for CIM and like them better than my pricier Nike ones!

    1. I hate that I'm a label snob, but I'm trying here ;) I actually love and have tons of C9 (Champion at Tarjay) capris/leggings that I use almost daily. Sometimes I like to splurge. Those sound like a steal, tanks for sharing :)

    2. I'm not judging, I just don't like the way Lulu stuff fits me. It's for girls with teeny tiny hips, and I'm ALL hip. I've found some nice capris at Target too.

  2. Pretty useful information on these workout wear. I am in search of best workout leggings and searched on internet. Came to know about few leggings which are quite comfortable and available at decent price. Now looking forward to buy these soon.


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