Shine Bright!

10:48 AM

Some things just resonate...
I'm not sure how or when I started following Tiny Buddha , but I am completely happy that I did. It is a great forum of inspirational wisdom, quotes, and in general, uplifting content. By no means am I the most spiritual or religious person, but I can appreciate the great content they share.

This is how I want to live. I don't want to be an angry person, who walks around hating life, my job, or my hobbies. I want to be a person that lets a light shine on everything and everyone I come in contact with. As I write this, I have to admit I feel super cheesy, but it's true. We have one life to live and I'd like to live it with the best intention for myself and toward others.

I think this also hits home, because I've noticed myself really not being positive about running. So a slight change in perspective, or 'light' if you will, seems appropriate in my life right now. The 'light' being flexibility. To allow myself to deviate from my structured training schedule and go with the flow. Do a Fleet Feet Fun Run (followed by Taco Tuesday, I run to eat) or doing a fun trail run with a bunch of crazy trail runners, and do it without feeling guilty.

As I read this quote, I realized it pertains to all aspects of my life. I realized that if I take this and apply to all situations I encounter, not just the way I think and am, but everyday situations, life will be that much better. I'm guessing that's why it resonates so deeply. I do not necessarily think I am (always or in general) a negative person, but I know myself well enough that I can admit when I'm being negative. So, if I notice myself being this way I will remind myself to be bright and allow more light into life and/or the situation.

Hope you don't mind if I shine bright like a diamond...thanks Rhianna!

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