My Heart Hurts...

2:23 PM

Now there’s heartbreak….and then there’s heartBREAK!

Gold blooded.

It never feels good to end a great weekend with a heartbreak! But if you look back a little over a year ago, you will see a very similar post. The SF Niner’s did it again! This time they lost before the “big” game, but still, it doesn’t suck any less. To lose after the way we started the game was heartbreaking, stressful, and just plain awful!

I don’t claim to know anything about football, what I will say is that I’ve been raised a Niner fan since day one. No matter who is quarter back or coach, this is our team in our household. Our entire family roots for them, with the one outlier, my cousin who randomly loves the Saints!

FUNstivities before the game started!

The reason we are faithful.

Sissy sando!

My friends love me enough to send me game time shots of Kap!

I was super nervous for the game, but I was excited that we were (potentially) one game away from the Super Bowl. The boys played good, they made some huge mistakes, but no matter what I’m still a fan. A fan with a broken heart at the moment.

Feb 2nd will be a shitty reminder of what happened yesterday, but oh well. Time for the boys to rest and reflect, then start to rebuild the empire for next year. New season, new stadium…and hopefully a nice, huge new contract for Kap!

Some quick weekend highlights, because it was actually a good weekend:

1.       I’m a Yelp Elite again this year, next year I’ll get that yellow badge of honor…I hope!

2.       Went to a new place in Sac and it was great – service, food, libations, and company.

About to take flight!
3.       Actually didn’t work out much this weekend, but did run two reflective and peaceful miles for Tito Boy & #megsmiles . Time to get back on track!!

2 remembrance miles.

4.    Spent time with extended family, although it was a sad occasion, surrounding yourself with loved ones is always heartwarming.

Tito Boy you will be missed!
5.  Worked another Vega shift with my little cousin! #onechange #weekendsplurger #serialsnacker #popup

Which one are you? #onechange
6.       Baconmole

I wish it tasted as good as I thought it was going too....
7.       Finally off veggie week and hello bacon week (this is why I love my city)!
Sacramento Baconfest Jan 20-26, 2014

8.       Seeing all the lovebugs at the January family party!

Dexter finally came out to play!

Just because I’m heartbroken, doesn’t mean I’m not faithful!

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