I Do What I Want!

10:36 AM

While the whole world is meal prepping and eating healthy...

I'm here just eating whatever I want!

I thought I'd counteract all of these annoying inspiring healthy foods posts, with a regular, average person's food decisions for the first week of January. Also some quick little weekend highlights!

Pronto // Baked Pasta

Snack // KIND Freebie - GROSS!

This thing tasted like a Chai Tea, but not in a good way. I would not recommend purchasing this KIND bar, especially when they have so many other good ones to choose from! Bleh...

January Girl's Night // Pizza Hut

January Girls Night // Sundae: Vanilla Ice Cream-Leatherby's Carmel-Blue Diamond Almonds
Kobe // Pretty Plate, before I started eating,
Kobe // New York-Scallops-Shrimp-Fried Rice-Veggies
Red Rabbit // Krakow w/ Extra Apples x3 for the evening
Lunch // Turkey Sando [1 Slice Wheat Bread//Low Sodium Turkey//Spinach//Mustartd]-Carrots-Bagel Chips-Silk Choco Soy Milk
Crab Feed // Antipasti Plate
Crab Feed // Garlic Toast - Isn't this adorable?
Crab Feed // BYO Garlic Butter & Rice
All You Can Eat Crab & Shrimp Feed
Red Rabbit // Krakow Salt Mine [OR as we call it Crack House Salt Mine]
Random Fried Rice // White Rice-1 Chicken Sausage-1 Egg White
Blushing Mimosa // Champs-Grenadine-OJ-Pineapple Juice
49er Nachos // Ground Beef-Chips-Queso
Senorita Bread // 300 Calories EACH :/
Top three highlights of the weekend:

Just giving Canada some love here!
 1. Little Cousin's Birthday, we celebrated two nights, back-to-back

Kobe // Get the grill started!
Rabbit // Bulls // Katz // Jack

2. Crab Feed

I must confess. I purchased a whole new outfit for this event. Being somewhat familiar with crab feeds, I now know not to dress too cute or in the best clothes - because you may end up smelling like crab for the rest of the night. So although this was a new outfit, it was comfy and baggy, for full crab eating adventures. Sad story, though, because at the very end of the night I spilled almost all of my garlic butter onto both new pieces! I hope they can be salvaged...

Nordies Crab Feed Outfit

Annual Knights of Columbus Crab and Shrimp Feed!

Fundraiser // Keys to hopefully open a box w/ $100

3. Wild Card Playoff Game between 49ers & Packers - Niners won, baby!!

Geez, our boys know how to put on a stressful game. In all we beat the Pack, so it all worked out. All the hoopla about super cold temperatures and Kap just went out there, sleeveless, and did his thang! So excited, bring on the Panthers next week, baby!!

Kap - Post Game Interview
Still on that #QuestforSix

One last random confession, I missing running. It's 6 days into 2014 and I have yet to go on a run. This week will change that - some big things coming up :)

My motto for January: Let a eater, eat!

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