How Ganeeban Got Her Groove Back!

10:25 AM

Yeah, I just third person'd myself!

Stem selfie
Day 8 of 2014 ANNNND I finally got my first run in. Blah blah blah, excuses, excuses, excuse - I just didn't do it. Being sick was my scapegoat, but I should have known better. My run this AM gave me the biggest runner's high ever, I'm still feeling it!

Note to self: try to remember this feeling for those days you just don't want to DO IT!

Recently a runner friend, who's acquaintance goes back pretty far, asked if I'd like to help start a little mini running movement in our lovely hometown of Sac! They are a plenty around town, but I was really excited that he asked me. So, thus started:


There are three of us, Chris, Haley, and I, who have been using our social media skills to get the word out. Although our group was quite small, we are hoping slowly it will grow. Given that it is also at 6:30AM, it is hard to get the average Joe out that early, so we have our work cut out for us. BUT, it's free, so that is a huge bonus! We welcome all fitness levels, runners or walkers, we just out here trying to get some smileage (cheese, huh?) on!! We run a one-mile loop, clock-wise for approximately 45-60 minutes. It's a come and go as you please type of thing.


Please meet the homie Chris Malenab. He's an avid runner and, kinda like me, lives and breathes soccer. His blog is fun to read and he always has some fun giveaways. Also, thanks to Chris, I had a lovely training schedule for the Shamrockin' Half Marathon last year - where I PR'd for the HM distance! So I owe him my life some extra kudos! Follow him via his social media accounts:

Google +:
Instagram: chrismalenab

Also, please meet Haley, another avid runner in the Sacramento area. Today is the first day I've met her face-to-face, however, I've been following her on social media accounts since Chris introduced (and asked us to be co-leaders for the group)! Although we haven't had an actual conversation, weird, right, she seems like a fun gal who loves to run (and beer). Check her out via social media and follow her:

Instagram: iamarunnergirl

1st #9run6 EVER

New faces, new people, more miles. I can't ask for much more runspiration than that! Geez, I'm fully of cheesy running words today, you're welcome!

If I could bottle up "runner's high," I'd be freakin' rich!!

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