'eeeeef Friday

9:15 AM

It's Friday. Its Fabulous. Five Fabulous "F" things going on in my life...

Featured: Might not be the best descriptor, but close enough. I IG'd a pic of my stems before and after my trail run last weekend and tagged @Balega_International (socks) in it and then later that week they #reposted it! I was stoked, I always appreciate a fave brand of mine giving me some love. Then on Twitter, @Superfeet gave me a little tweet saying thanks for following them. I'm obsessed with their Berry insoles, they are the only things I use in my running shoes - total game changer!
Screen shot of @blaega_international 's IG
@balega- Twitter
@Superfeet - Twitter

Festive: Happy Official Chinese New Year! 2014 is the year of the Horse. So 'Gung Hay Fat Choy' to all my readers! In addition to this cultural holiday, I was happy to put out my four Valentine's Day decorations in my house. There aren't many, but it's good enough for me :)
Starbucks // I love that they have these every year!

February: Tomorrow is February. February is going to be a busy one, before I know it, it will be March and time to head off to AZ. As I manage through the month, I'm on a mission to keep myself bikini ready for AZ. Healthier food decisions and true portion control. I'm also excited because I have my first two runs of the year - a 10k on Sunday and then a 4 miler the next Saturday. If I'm being honest here, I'm also a little excited for Valentine's Day this year....
SRA // Super Sunday Run 10K

Feasting: Since I'm going pretty strict after today, I've been feasting a little more than I should. I've eaten a whole bag of chips in a few days, bought tons of candy for a movie night and the UFC fight (which I will not be able to eat any), and plenty of wine and other random goodies during the week! The only thing missing is Taco Bell, which I took care of last night. I said I'd eat it after the new year and I had to get it in before I couldn't anymore. I actually felt super guilty eating it, especially since the soccer game I played was cut at half, due to lightening.I also felt sick after I ate it too, guess I'm good for the rest of the year now :)

Taco Bell // Two years of missing this...

Taco Bell // Grilled Stuff Nahco & Cheesy Gordita Crunch
Leftovers // Rosemary spaghetti w/ vodka sauce & a chef salad w/ chicken and ranch.

Fan: Fest! Ahh, I'm missing it AGAIN this year! Some SF Gigantes fan I am, right ;) Well, I'm making up for it by going to AZ. I'll miss being in that overcrowded mess of thousands of people. But it's such a great atmosphere. If you live and die by the Orange and Black (which you should), this is something you have to experience at least once in your life. Just be prepared for crowds on crowds on crowds! I see you soon boys!

Have a fabulous weekend y'all!

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  1. Good luck on your race this weekend!! I'm doing the Surf City Half on Sunday so I won't feel guilty eating all the chicken wings during the Super Bowl!


    1. Hi Ron! Thanks, race went well. No PR, but still a good first run for the year! Hope yours went well and you got to meet/say Hi to Chris (marathonliving) too! You probably had to eat 1,000 chicken wings to distract you from that horrible game!


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