'eeeeef Friday

9:47 AM

It's Friday. Its Fabulous. Five Fabulous "F" things going on in my life...

Fur : Ball or Chia Pet? Take your pick, my eyebrows grow at such an alarming rate. Is it normal to get your eyebrows waxed every other week? And by waxed, I really mean trimmed. Geez, these things have mind of their own. Hair growth is generally a sign of good health, but not when they make you look like you have caterpillars on your face :/

FunnyHungry Runner Girl posted this on her blog today - 37 Things Only Runners Know. They, for the most part, are completely accurate. Each one made me smile and I agree with most of them.

First: time running/training with one of my best guy friends, B! His wife gets home fairly late, due to commuting, so he wanted someone to run with. He is also a LOT faster than I, so it was a semi-speed workout for me. Also, it was the first time I've ever run with compression socks on. They didn't bug me like I thought they would. The only problem is they are so thin, compared to my Balega socks I wear religiously, my feet felt really loose in my shoes. 

Pro Compression // Pink Marathon Socks

Me, just trying to keep up...barely!
Fodors: I have no idea what this website is all about, but I'm happy they voted Higuera Street one of Americas Best Main Streets  . My time in SLO was probably one of the best times in my life. That place is magical and I'm glad it got the positive attention it deserves. I miss the farmer's market kettle corn!!

Fiesty: and not in a good way! My stomach has been acting all sorts of crazy since Wednesday AM. I have no idea what is going on and I'm over it. It will randomly hurt throughout the day, like serious cramping and aching, then go away. I can't tell if it's from things I'm eating/have eaten or if it's doing it on its own. It's only been a few days, but I don't like when things mess with my eating habits! Funny thing is, my body tells it to shut-up when its time to run or lift weights! Weird...

Have a fabulous weekend y'all!

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