'eeeeef Friday

9:14 AM

It's Friday. Its Fabulous. Five Fabulous "F" things going on in my life...

Final : meal of 2013! So dramatic, but since I slept through NYE this is all I got. Sushi style dinner with the parentals, the Bestest and her family! Perfect sendoff to 2013, even if I couldn't taste anything!

Some VIP's in my life!

FlashbacksMy cousin started posting random old school pictures on FB while I happened to be at the parentals. So I pulled out my baby book and took a few pics of pics, in between some serious fits of laughter at how ridiculous my fashion sense was! Some serious tomboy action if I've ever seen it!

Geeze, I was  tan baby and chubby too!

Facts: Since I'm so anal about keeping tracking of my workouts, runs, biking, walks, and races - it only seemed fitting to figure out how many miles and runs I did this year. Easily done with the magic of Excel and online tracking websites! I did not set a mileage/distance goal, so this is what I got for 2013:

Fakies: Target took it to a whole new level with their knockoffs. I'm used to knock off clothes and shoes, but these fake lulus are pretty atrocious! Don't get me wrong, I'm okay with fakies, but these just look tacky!

Lulu at Tarjay?
F-ing: SO SORE from a workout I took from my Coach (Quinn) from Christmas Eve - 12 Day of Christmas and made it for New Year's Day for 2014. It is a ladder workout so, as the original song goes you do the first exercise, then you do exercise 2 and exercise 1 -  all the way through the 14 movements. Let's just say my cakes were on fire and cramping yesterday, now I'm walking like a duck today - my Midtown workout this AM didn't help any either! Being away from the gym for a few "sick days" really makes you regret it on days like today!

14 for 2014

Have a fabulous weekend y'all and make the best of the rest of 2013!

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  1. Hey Steph....

    You are Fun & I'm your #1 fan! Keep blogging, so I have something to read each day. =)

    That is all.....

    1. Thanks Wench! Just don't tell my secret! You love your cameos ;) haha!


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