Do You Ever...

11:12 AM

...need a weekend from your weekend?

2 days just never seems to suffice!

Half marathon training is in full effect, 10 weeks and counting. I'm having a hard time wanting/getting my butt outside to do my speed workouts. When I was training with Fleet Feet, I really didn't have a say. But now that I'm doing it on my own, I really dread doing speed in the cold, dark Sacramento evenings or mornings for that matter. Thus, me starting the Treadmill Chronicles again. Speaking as a former treadmill addict, I haven't really been one one in over a year-ish. Sometimes I'd walk on it on an high incline as a little warm-up or to pass my time as the step-mills were overbooked. But I haven't done a serious tready run in a LOOONG while!

So it began, the first speed workout of the year and training:

Livin' the treadmill life
2 Sets of 6x400m with 1:30min RI (rest in between), and 2:30min RI sets. I started out really hopeful, but I had to readjust my "sprints" about every other 400m. I guess my cardio isn't where I thought it was. I was completely exhausted after this, I went home showered and was in bed by 9PM (on a Friday). I didn't have an appetite and didn't want to do anything!

Saturday was a cross training day, so here is the super random workout I did:

5min warm up on the bike - 5x 1min sprint on bike // 10 burpees
3x - KB one leg dead lift (12ea leg) // 20 overhead walking lunges
3x - 30 sec handstand // 40 jump rope //12 wall ball squats
3x - 12 good morning lifts (10lb) // 12 side lifts (10lbs) each side // 12 hollow rocks
3x - 12 cross over tricep extensions (because I have no idea what they are called) // 20 crunches

I took the time to really stretch, which I haven't been doing lately. The knees have been sore, so I want to make sure they don't get worse. This all took about an hour.

Sunday, I had to squeeze in my long run before the Niner game. So I got in my 8 miler, side cramps included. Back to early morning runs, as much as I have been dreading running again, my body feels otherwise. I seriously fell so different when running is in my life. As much as I try to NOT do it, my body craves it. I'm screwed!

Obligatory Garmin shot

Here's a quick recap of this crazy weekend, all documented via IG of course! I think eventually there will be an Over Sharer's Anonymous, thanks to so many social media outlets, and I think I would be a prime candidate.

1. Love me some Zappos VIP status. - new shoes overnighted to me!
2. My first shift as a Vega demo rep. - Love this brand and have been using it way before I was asked to promote it.
3. Had a fun taco dinner with friends, hung out with the little love bug - no pictures were taken.
4. Niner Game - we won baby! Bring on Seattle, it's time for the REAL Super Bowl!
5. First Kings' game of the season. - most likely the only one, since I'm not a huge basketball fan...
6. Farewell Quinn dranks!
7. Frozen lady date with the Bestest!

Nike // Frees 5.0 //Big Kids Size 5.5

Gettin' some blender bike action on!


Cam, who?

Funniest thing to happen the entire game!

Sellund's // Carrot Soup

Arco Sleep Train Arena // Sacramento Kings vs Cavaliers // Section 102, Row AAA

Always the odd ball ;)

Me y Amanda

Lunch of champs!

Low Brau // Farewell cocktails

Frozen lady date w/ the Bestest
Yes, I'm working super part time for my friend and a great company. I'm going to try it out for a few months and then re-access how I feel about working on the weekends. I felt bad about how good our Kings seats were, I'm not even a huge basketball fan - all four of us aren't, but we had a great time laughing at how ridiculous the situation was. Sunday was awesome and super fun, but now I feel like I need a third weekend day to recover from the last two days...

First world probs are getting serious over here...

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  1. Well crap, you're a Niners fan, we can't be friends anymore.


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