Weekend Warrior

3:59 PM

Have you ever lost an entire blog that you just wrote?

Well, that shit just happened. I am so annoyed. So most of my thoughts are lost and I'm just going to let you re-live my weekend through most of my IG pictures (because I'm that lazy right now)!

I didn't drink more than one drink per sitting during my marathon training (I'm sure there was an occasion or two that I exceeded this). I chose that and I was completely okay with that. It worked for me. Others might chose to do different and I'm okay with that too. So no judgment needed, we all do what works best for ourselves.

Special Delivery Snicker Doodle Cupcake [Cafe Bernardo] from Momma & Poppa Bear

The Bestest loves me, she bought us all scratchers!

Third wheelin' it up!

The calm before the storm - Levi's 1st Birthday. [Me & Wench]

She has grown so much since I coached her!

Photo bombin' like a BOSS!

Levi's 1st Birthday - Sacramento King's themed

Fleet Feet Holiday Classic 5K - re-cap tomorrow

Running in with Momma!

Movie essentials [The Book Thief]

Super secret Beyonce CD finally downloaded!

A busy, yet at times relaxing weekend. It was a mixture of everything and I loved it. It's a weekend during the holidays, which means it will be busy no matter what! 

Things that happened that aren't pictured: eyebrow appointment // Starbucks // annual cookie party (didn't make it there) // 30th birthday party (didn't make it there either) // Target // UFC in Sac & on Fox // Veggie Fried Rice // Veggie Week // Trader Joe's // Christmas Cards // Hallmark Channel.

No marathon training means I can booze it up these days :)

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