Spreading Cheer

9:45 AM

Sometimes you just win in the game of life!

Haha, okay. I'm honestly not that conceited, promise! But I do have to say, I truly enjoy working for a company that is very philanthropic and committed to the local community, on top of producing a product I love (even prior to working here)!

When I started last year, I got a little taste of what we do for a local school in the neighborhood during the holiday season, so this year I made sure I volunteered when the opportunity was available. Our company, all volunteers, put on a Santa's Workshop for the school that is one block from our office. As of the start of the 2013 school year, this school was no longer a K-6 school, as it has been for years. The building is still there, but they only offer pre-K classes. It should also be noted that this school has a majority of "low-income" families that attend this school and some that are not was well.

For the past few year's we've raised funds, through a raffle, to create a fun experience where the kidlets do arts, crafts, play games, decorate cookies, and take a picture with Santa. The experience starts with the a group picking up the kids at the school and walking them over to the Santa's Workshop experience. After all is said and done, they are then escorted back to school. A couple days later Santa and Mrs. Claus, with a few helpers, deliver gifts for every child.

With over 40 volunteers, we split ourselves into teams, according to what you'd like to do for the event. This year I decided to be a part of the "Craft" team. Since the kids were much younger than previous years, we needed to keep the crafts pre-k friendly. We decided that making ornaments and frames (for their pictures with Santa) would be a fun way to interact with the kidlets!

Sorry, covered the kidlets and fams' faces for privacy!

I love interacting with the kidlets, while pulling up my pants!

Little hands are so creative!

This makes my heart smile.

Colorful and cute!

The day in between the event and when the presents are delivered, we have a "Wrapping Party" where anyone else who wants to volunteer can come and wrap the 60 or so presents, which will be delivered via Santa the next day. To keep it simple toys are bought by gender and everyone gets the same toy. This year the presents were awesome, I know a few of us were debating which Disney Princess we'd take from the package. [Which would you take?] Everyone is graciously paid in copious amounts of pizza! Yes, who couldn't pass that up?!

The fellas hard at work!

Boys toys.

Girls toys.

I don't need to be bribed, but I never pass up pizza! [Gross mushrooms and olives]

Seeing the creativity and the pure joy in the kids and families, faces is invaluable. I am grateful that my company emphasizes and supports us volunteering for a variety of events and organizations.

I wish I could get paid to be a full-time volunteer!

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  1. This looks RIGHT up my alley! I love it :)

    1. Thanks, it is super fun to see the pure enjoyment on the kids faces. It's also really nice to see how many parents come and participate as well!


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