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Don't tell anyone, I have all my shopping done!!

Can't it be, that I was able to actually enjoy the weekend before Christmas, without the worry of finishing up shopping. Okay, slight lie - I got the last few presents on Sunday and then am waiting for a few to come in the mail. BUT, I considered that done! Especially, since the last few years, I wait to finish on Christmas Eve. I'm one of those weirdo's that enjoys wrapping (anything, really) presents, so that is fun to me!

Since I'm such a novice at this blogging thing and work life was pretty busy at the end of the week, last week, I have a bunch to catch up on. Good thing I'm picture obsessed so I can illustrate my life, instead of writing all about it ;)

It was Veggie Week last week. It went pretty smoothly, as for some reason, food hasn't been super appealing to me lately. Yeah, did I just type that? No cravings, weird! Our lunch crew at work went to a new spot and it was pretty good. I experienced Veggie Pate for the first time, it was okay...

Pure Broccoli & Asparagus Soup and Veggie Sandwich [La Bonne]

Before the Target scandal broke (or maybe after), I went shopping on Thursday night to finish up my presents, because I thought we were meeting to exchange on Friday night, which ended up not happening :( I stayed up until 1AM wrapping everyone's gift, only to get a text at 7AM that plans were canceled. I found a mini shopping cart, which I'm sure is for the grocery section, but I thought it would curb my addiction to filling up a regular cart. Also, my purse took up half the top section. Turns out, I'm really good at packing tons of things into a small cart. It didn't stop me from throwing whatever I wanted in there, it just made me take more time arranging it all in a super small cart.

Mini-carts are cute, but not good for Target shopping!

I enjoy Christmas decorations just like the next person, but there is such thing as too much of a good thing. I drive by this every night on the way home and just shake my head. It should be noted, this house is pretty festive for many holiday's, but there's a line between tacky and tasteful (sorry, I'll take off my judgmental pants now)!

Doing too much or just right?

I'd been having some random outfits for work this week. One day I felt like a pirate, the next day I was matching my Peppermint Soy Mocha! Oh the joys of not really caring about what you wear to work. Business casual is overrated, jeans every day is what I'm talking about!

Dress like a pirate or a Starbucks cup days this week!

I laugh at being frugal, but I'm still my mother's daughter. I love accidental cheap finds. I was at the register buying some gifts at the good 'ol ON and the nice gal said the shirt was $3.49. I questioned her three times, in disbelief, that that was the price. She laughed at me and said yes, that was the price! Of course I was buying that, it was cheaper than the Starbucks I drank earlier!

ON come up for $3.49!

Since our gift exchange/hangout sesh was canceled, 3 of the 4 decided to grab dinner and go to the movies! Saving Mr. Banks was a great movie! I love Disney, only they could make a movie about making a movie so damn good! I had no idea what the movie was about or that it was based on a true story!

Still addicted to those watermelon candies and the popcorn was gross this time :/

I decided this weekend I would get back to running, I actually missed it! I thought, why not shoot for double digits - go big or go home! My legs did work and they got me through all 10 miles without walking. I always say this, but we both know that I wouldn't walk unless I was in sever pain! It was such a beautiful day, I really enjoyed the run and the scenery! Tons of bikers on the trail during the later morning on a Saturday, which is the opposite of when I am accustomed to running (Sunday early AM).

True story!
Not too shabby!

I've been dying to wear my new scarf! So when I found this $6 shirt at ON, I knew they would pair up nicely. I don't have anywhere good to take "outfit of the day" (OOTD) pics, so please do not pay any attention to my messy room in the background ;) This picture is so tacky, but the outfit was comfy and wintery, I loved it!

Shirt//Old Navy, Scarf//Target, Jeans//Nordies, Shoes//Steve Madden
So, some seem to call me the queen of selfies (which I don't believe I actually deserve), so I must live up to that expectation, right?!? Funny thing is, people talk crap about selfies, but why do selfies get the most likes? So weird, right?! I wonder if it is out of obligation, people like them. Is it IG etiquette to like a selfie? Is it rude to scroll right past it without double tapping on the picture? People sure do talk a lot about selife-takers, but they still seem to get likes on likes on likes. Just a little observation, don't worry, I'm still all about selfies - but in moderation!

Kinda googly eyed, but love the scarf!
I didn't have much scheduled on Saturday, other than lunch with two old co-workers. My old company has three plants and Sacramento is the somewhat, halfway point, in between two of them. So they host their holiday party here at the Sheraton. I met up with two of my old salesmen and we had some sushi and adult beverages. They told me the nitty gritty about my company and my old coworkers, who doesn't love to hear some gossip and drama! The laughed at my Veggie Week status, but even tried a potato croquette! They kept saying I should come to the holiday party that night, they both had available plus one's. I was on the fence. Welp, I actually went and crashed the happy hour and saw all the old homies! They were surprised I actually did it, I tried not to eat or drink anything, but they forced a glass of wine on me, so I had to partake! They all tried to convince me to stay and party, but I was still in my outfit from the day, so I decided to say my goodbyes and head home!

Kru - Agedashi, Veggie Roll, and Potato Croquette

I wanted to exchange gifts with one of my best friends, so I invited her over for presents, fresh baked cookies, and spiced chai (our fave, even over hot cocoa)! Well lucky for me, they decided to hang out and we ordered RT and hung out and I got to play with my lovebug for a few hours! He was having so much fun he didn't want to go to sleep, even though it was getting late! I love spending time with them, we've been doing it more lately, and I absolutely love it!

Levi loves bows!
She knows me way too well :)

Sunday was going to be special, I already knew this! I had been waiting over a month for my evening adventure to the North Pole with my love bug! But, I also was excited to go to my first Sunday class at Midtown. Since marathon training is over and my recovery was pretty good, I decided to go to my first Sunday class. I've never been to Midtown any later than 7:30AM, so it was a different experience at 10AM. Tons of hug mens lifting really heavy weights, a kid working on his baseball skills, and a private training session was also going down. It was busy. I also met a few new people who normally workout with Quinn too! It was fun, we did 30 second holds of four movements and did them for 15 rounds. My left wrist was shot, but it was a good workout, then we ran a mile. I ran it much slower than I wanted, but all is well :)

Had a lovely lunch with the parentals then did some quick shopping, where I really did finish off the last of my shopping! We hit up Target for their extra 10% off, since they basically gave thieves all of their customers credit card and debit account numbers (probably slight exaggeration)! We didn't do too much damage, just some little odds and ends that needed to be bought! Then I went home to rest up for my evening adventure!

The Polar Express! I'm hoping you are familiar with this Christmas classic. The Railroad Museum here offers an experience that resembles the book. Obviously, you know that I don't have kids, but I have plenty of lovebugs that I brag about. So, I kinda knew this was a hot ticket in town, but I didn't know at what lengths people go to get these tickets. Apparently they sold out within 10 minutes of releasing them on-line, people even sell them on Craigslist marked up 100% (nice, where's the Christmas spirit?)! Luckily I have a friend who works there, so I put in a little request to see if she could dig up 2 for me to buy. And wa-la! She found two, we didn't have a say on time or date, but I said I'd take them!

So, here we are! ALL ABOOOOARD! What a great adventure/experience for any little kid to have! There are different levels of cars to rid in, we made it into the Kris Kringle car. How fitting, right?!? When you walk into the train station, they have plenty of little, fun things to do with the kidlets. There is a train car to walk through, a little machine thing to sit on and play with the nobs, plenty seating by random light arrangements, and a gift shop/tent to browse. Everyone gets their fairly early to line up, so we stood in line for 20 minutes. It wasn't too bad, but the lovebug got a little antsy!

Hanging out in our jammies!

The train goes out about for a half hour and you finally arrive at the North Pole. However, on your trip there, you get Hot Cocoa, a cookie, and they read you the entire book. Then as you start your adventure back, Santa comes and hands out silver bells to each passenger to make sure we all BELIEVE! Each and everyone of the people here are volunteers (which my friend taught me)! I think it is really neat that they donate their time, to make sure this experience is great for over 20,000 people during the run of this event!

Auntie & Lano date to the North Pole!

I am really enjoying being able to be flexible with my weekends, but I do missing having a running schedule. It was nice to relax and wake up a little later on Saturday and go for a "long" run without any pressure of a schedule, splits to hit, or being late to meet with a group. However, I know myself well enough, to know this won't last forever. Since my next race is in March, I get to start my new training schedule the first weekend of January and I'm looking forward to it as well! 

No soccer tonight, BOO! But it is the last 49er game that will ever be played at Candlestick Park, so it will be a memorable MNF tonight! Ahh, I'm excited for tonight, but it's crazy Christmas is almost here too. I'm already excited and can't wait to eat good food, spend time with family, and exchange gifts with everyone! I have to work tomorrow, but it's essentially only a half day. Then some pampering (hair and eyebrows), then it's all about family time!

Wow, I just verbally threw up all over you, lo siento!

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