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...not being able to taste your food is pure torture!!

I mean, being a self prescribed foodie, this takes this sickness to a whole new level! I keep eating foods that I like, but I can't taste it, I'm going on memory and texture. It's weird, I wish I wasn't hungry, but I still have an appetite! It's lame!

So I'm not sure about when you're sick (and a day off from work is necessary), but sitting around and watching too many episodes of Criminal Minds or Law & Order: Criminal Intent will lead me to start trolling social media. Thus finding these awesome little gems:

The flying V!

or this...

I died!
Or lastly, inappropriate pics to send via a group text to your girlfriends:

Oh wow!

If you don't laugh at these, then I don't think we'd be friends in real life. Maybe in the blogger world and I'm okay with that!

Since I have been nursing a major head cold basically since Christmas Eve (even though I didn't even know it), I haven't been doing much. Only going to obligations that have been planned for awhile. Otherwise, its been Couch City - Population: 1! I don't generally get "head colds" so this is somewhat foreign to me. I generally get super sick, which always leads to major coughs, BUT this time, it's as if my head is a leaky snot faucet (TMI). Seriously, where does all this snot come from? My head size hasn't changed at all, or at least I don't think it has. Anywho, if this stuff doesn't stop being green by Wednesday, I'm going to have to go to the Doctor to see if it's a Sinus Infection. Two in one year would be reminiscent of my earlier years in life :/

Since I over share on the reg, my fam and friends know I'm sick. So I got the cutest cheer-me-up pic of my little lovebug (who is also sick), wearing my Christmas presents to him. So cute <3

I love buying "aunt/auntie/ate" clothes for my lovebugs!

Since I didn't leave the house on Friday, but to go to Target for meds, I was getting cabin fever. So after sleeping in as much as possible on Saturday, I suited up and walked to a nearby Starbucks for coffee and a breakfast sando I couldn't taste. And to also start my new book. The Bestests' BF (from here on out will be referred to as Hot, short for Hotlanta) bought me the Steve Job's book. We'd discussed it sometime in the last few months, so he got me my own copy! So stinkin' sweet!

Steve and Starbucks.

Just cause you're sick doesn't me you dress like a bum ;)

I didn't do much the rest of the day, unless you are thrilled by nose blowing and water drinking! I seriously watched episode after episode of Law and Order. Those shows never get boring! Eventually I had to get in gear and get dressed for dinner. We were having dinner at a new spot in EG with my fam and Momma's brother and his family. 7 in total, all surrounding a grill for Korean BBQ!  We were celebrating Uncle S's birthday, retirement, and our Poh-Poh (your Mother's Mother in Chinese) birthday.

The parentals and my Aunt and Uncle like the Original OZ, so they wanted to try the new one that just opened in a a new area (although it is much further for everyone)! It was so crowded, but looks much more modern than it's sister restaurant. Apparently they lost our reservation, as one probably would do  when you write random resies on random pieces of paper and throw them in a pile. Needless to say, I was not impressed by this at all, but they got us seated fairly quickly. I know they are working out the kinks, so I will remember to be kind in their Yelp review!

Our server really carded Poppa Bear! hahaha
All you can eat is dangerous!
Happy Birthday Uncle S! - This is a bad ass runner right here!
It's a long process and you leave smelling like the food you ate, but it's a fun atmosphere for every once in awhile. I was bummed I was missing UFC 168, but I kept getting updates from Bleacher Report, so I knew that my girl Tate lost and that Silva's poor shin was broken! I wasn't feel so great, so after dinner I went straight to bed.

Sunday was going to be a BUSY day, but in a good way. Two girlie hangout sesh's! The Bestest picked the sicky-poo (me) up. She surprised me with a Maple doughnut, she literally is the BEST! We headed to the Arden Hills Country Club. We normally have a girls "holiday" dinner, but this year we switched up the tradition. We decided to spend our $$ to pamper ourselves, instead of buying a nice dinner. Originally there was four of us planned to partake in the FUNstivities, however a friend got super sick with the flu and had to back out :/ (Feel better Krontron!) - So me, the Bestest, and T-monies had a lovely brunch - even though the restaurant was bare, for the most part. Then we headed over to the spa. Bestest got a deep tissue massage, I got a pedi, and T-monies got a mani/pedi combo! I originally planned to get a massage, but after all this head cold business, I knew lying down was not going to work out so well. 

Donuts make me smile instantly!

Arden Hills Logo
Basic breakfast, that I could barely taste!
Quick photo op w/ the Bestest
The added bonus about having services here is that there is a huge serenity room, which we would generally be too loud for. But there is also a jacuzzi and a steam room that we can use for as long as we want. We were highly delighted that the jacuzzi had a TV streaming Keeping up with the Kardashian's! Oh trashy TV, a jacuzzi, and gossip - it's a perfect combo. We all were getting hungry again, so we went to a staple Mexican restaurant on the Grid. We ate our weight in chips and dip, devoured our meals and called it a day! These two (and the missing third) are some of my truest friends. A lot of good memories have these ladies in them and I am completely blessed that we maintain our friendships like we do. Note of advice (even though you didn't ask) - Friendships take work too, make sure you don't forget that!

Thanks Nordstrom, you are why we are here today [Bestest//T-monies//Me]
After a quick nap, it was time to headed over to Lot's house to meet up with some of my best friends from high school. Since Hollywood only comes to Sac once a year (generally), around this time, we make it a point to get together with her. It was also a great time to exchange gifts between the four of us.

What we really look like.
What we post! [Summer Sister//Me//Mormon//Hollywood]

Since we all have a love for pizza and desserts, that's exactly what went down! Lot ordered some pizza and then we decided to drive somewhere for dessert. It was finally decided upon that we'd go to Dairy Queen for Blizzards! So reminiscent of our high school days, it was perfect.

My girls! [Hollywood//Summer Sister//Mormon//Me//Lot]

Conversations with the girls is usually paired with constant laughter! Id' discuss our topics, but they wouldn't make sense to you and our humor is dirty and dry, so you might be easily offended. I can't believe I met most of them in high school and have continued our friendships through the years - not always perfect, but it always works out for the best!

A little throwback to Lot's weird obsession with these creepy things!

I stayed way too late, but it was worth the lack of sleep to hang out with these girls. It was a true girls night because they left the kidlets with their baby daddies! I was completely spoiled yesterday, besides still feeling sick, I was able to hang out with some of my favorite wenches, ALL of whom (and a few more that weren't there) make up all of my greatest memories/stories/memorable moments throughout my 30 years! I know these friendships are not the norm, so it makes me appreciate them that much more. 

Time to try to get back on the grind, but then we are hit with another holiday to break up the week! All these blogging 2013 recaps are getting overwhelming. They aren't really my style, but they are interesting to read. I'm sure the 2014 goals are coming next too! I'm excited to end a great year and start the adventure of what 2014 has to offer!

I may be sick, but don't count me out yet...

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