Say it Ain't So...

9:43 AM

I don't do resolutions or a bucket list.

Peace out 2-0-1-3, Hello 2-0-1-4

That's just not how I roll. I have things I like to focus on, some what like goals that I'd like to accomplish - some long term, some short term.

As the year ends, everyone starts professing new years resolutions and 2014 goals. Which, if that is your thing, then by all means go for it. It's just not how I prefer to do things.

As for looking back on 2013, I like to reflect, but trying to pick out the "best moments" or "favorite" things is way too hard. Each year I just hope that I've grown just a little bit more - not literally, but figuratively, as a person.

Here are some things that weigh heavily (not necessarily in a bad way) on my heart at mind during the year:

Financials: Something that I'm always striving for is to better my financial status. Since I don't foresee winning the lotto any time soon I need to do/try something. I always try, but miserably fail. A friend posted this on FB the other day and I think it's awesome. It gives me time to adjust and it starts out slow. Baby steps, baby steps here! For some, they might gawk at this, but for me saving is so hard. Spending is so easy.

This will happen, I am going to try my hardest!

Running: I still don't know how I feel about the "marathon"! So I have no idea if I'll run one next year or what I have in store for my running schedule. I had originally thought I'd focus on "Trails and Tri's" this year, but Tri training is expensive and I have yet to sign up for a trail race. I'm just kinda in the running space of oblivion, if you will. No set plan, but I have signed up for 2 half marathons and a 9K, but beyond that no real plan. No fun ideas or goals for running this year.

Family/Friends: I just want to be present. Learn to put down my phone and be with them. Learn more about the people I love and celebrate my time with them.

Travel: I shouldn't be limited by my funds, but that ends up always being the case. However, Hawaii has been talked about a lot this year, so I'm really hoping this becomes a reality. I already know San Diego, Arizona, and NOLA are on the books - but that's it for now. I have bigger sights, but I'll need to assess my financials to see if this is feasible. Washington D.C. has been thrown around as well, I'm so stoked on this possibility - because it will be to go watch my men in Orange and Black!

Pretty basic, if you ask me ;)

My Bestest says I have a lot of rules. I think we all do, I'm just more vocal about my oddities. Like, I dislike Black and Brown mixed in outfits, I dislike LOL (are you really laughing out loud or do you just not have anything else to write/text back), I dislike shorthand (for the most part), I super, highly, tons of dislike Wal-Mart...those are just some of my weird things that she calls rules.

I think this can go under the "rule" category. I don't like to say "Bucket List" because I feel like it implies that I want to get things done before I die. I don't like to think about my own death (irrational I know, we all die at some point). I also don't want to have not done stuff I've wanted to do before my death. I think this said bucket list is so cliche and I just don't like it. Running a marathon is a very 'bucket list' thing to do, but never once did I refer to it as that. It was a goal that I wanted to accomplish (and DID)! Same (kinda) mentality for 'resolutions'! Since the statistic is so high for them to be unfulfilled, why even pretend to make one. So, I just have some focuses I want to work on for the new year - if I fail or slip, no biggie, I'm human.

With all that said, I do hope you have a safe and fun NYE celebrating in whatever style you choose! Our health is our wealth, so please don't take it for granted! Enjoy the end of your year, as will I, and find peace in the past and excitement in the future!

Here's a fun little gem I dug up last night, Happy New Year's Eve lovlies!

With Love, the Ganeebans

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  1. Dislike Wal Mart?...I cannot stand Wal Mart! But unfortunately I find myself there once a week. The money saving plan is something that I recently found on Pinterest and just last week began. I sort of cheat though and just put a dollar or two in there if I have spare change from the day but hey every little bit helps. Happy New Year!

    1. I'm not one to judge! If WM works for you, I'm all for it! I'm decorating a Mason Jar for my little savings plan so it "makes" it seem "FUN"! Baby steps...and I recruited a friend to do it with me so we are accountable!


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