Post Marathon Blues

1:39 PM

No one ever talks about this...

OR, it just doesn't happen to anyone else. The best way I can put it is, I feel lost. Not in a severe depression way, just literally lost.

Yes, another case of #firstworldprobs and probably a hint of b***h fest, so please stop reading here if you'd prefer!

You train for four months, with a detailed daily schedule of trainings...and then nothing! I think it all started during my last tapering week. I still had training runs, but my "somewhat" eating healthy habits (I use this very loosely) went out the door. My justification was, you're running a marathon at the end of the week - you need all the calories and carbs you can eat! Yeah, wake up from my dream world, right? So, I think this is where it all started.

Making poor eating choices and a lack of working out/running have made me feel like a lost soul. Fast forward to the Monday post marathon, no indoor soccer game and some pretty sore quads. This was my first excuse to not work out, although most people do take a week or so off after a huge race. I know myself and if I miss just ONE day, I tend to fall off the wagon. It's like an all or nothing type of situation I have here.

I did make it to the gym on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week, but then that's it. It should also be noted that it was nothing too intense, so it kinda felt like a joke.  Not only did I not workout for three days, I also ate to my hearts content. I  had already decided to postpone my chips/fries punishment of 50 burpees until Jan 1, 2014. So of course I've been in chip and fries heaven, eating my weight in these two things!

I was actually craving a run, but I just didn't have time. I let my social life get in the way and I didn't wake up at 5AM like I should could have. I finally got a run in on Sunday, a good 'ol 5k, which I felt like death afterwards. No easing into running for me, just go for it! Well at least that's how I felt, even though Mr. Garmin didn't really reflect that!

So this week, I was determined to at least get back on track with my workouts. I played indoor (we won, yeah buddy) and I started back at Midtown after two whole weeks off. Let's just say as I sit here I am sore, just sitting, I'm still sore. I probably look so awkward while I walk, that's my punishment for missing two weeks I guess ;)

My welcome back workout - my legs are DEAD!
Although I've been getting my fitness on track, my poor eating choices are in full effect. Here's two little snacks I ate yesterday. Okay, one is healthy and one is not. But my choices have been leaning much more toward the later, let's say a 90/10 ratio. Please don't get me started on Blue Diamond Honey Roasted Almonds. I literally and easily have been eating half of one can in one sitting. I've already gone through 1.5 cans in the last few days. I'm addicted to the crunch factor, a least almonds are heart healthy, right?!?

All the blogger/athletes rave about these, but they taste "healthy"

A lady won $1M for this deletable flavor!

Like I said before, I'm lost, but I'm not upset or depressed. There have been some really fun things going on, as should the holiday season go, but I need to remember that my health and fitness goals should not be jeopardized at the same time! 

Keep it movin'

A little motivation goes a long way. So, I made this little IG post to remind myself to keep moving forward. One day off or one bad decision won't make me fat or unhealthy, so forget about it and move forward. That's all I can keep doing, just stay present and remember what's important to me.

Since my next race, Shamrockin' is over 3 months away, I need to stay on track until my next training schedule starts. I should start my training in a few weeks, so I need to stay focused for (what seems like it should be) a small amount time, but it will feel like forever. I know I'm better when I'm regimented or on a schedule. I even pondered signing up for another Fleet Feet training group, just to stay on track. I'm still 50-50 on the idea, but doing it with Momma would be an added bonus. We shall see..

All things Christmas have been happening, so I have been in good spirits, despite my feeling of being 'lost'. Watching little love bugs enjoy our Santa's Workshop at work was really fun. 60 or so pre-K kidlet's in one room, with Santa present, can make anyone smile! Driving near the Fab 40's always brightens up anyone's drab evening. The rich go all out when its the Holiday season! I think there is a way to be tactful, but still be fun. This house I drive by after work everyday is doing way too much for me...

Christmas thew up on the grid!
So this super random post is apparently what I needed. I do feel 'lost' but I think, after re-reading this post, what I truly feel is "guilty". Guilty for not being able willing to stay consistent with out a training schedule. Am I only good at setting a goal and accomplishing it? Why is it so hard to make this a lifestyle? All good questions, that I don't have the answers too. I'm human, I always have things to work on.

I got a serious case of #firstworldprobs going on...

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  1. Girl, you need to give yourself a break. I hate that recovery takes so long too, but it is essential to the process. Tell those guilty voices to shut up and only workout when you feel ready. Pushing yourself too hard right now will only make recovery take longer and it has the potential to derail your spring plans if you're not careful.

    CIM was my 11th marathon and I've learned to cut myself some slack for a month after a marathon. If I feel like running, I do, but I take at least two weeks of reaaaaaaaally easy running (and leave the Garmin at home so I can listen to my body, not to the voices that tell me to pick it up to some arbitrary pace) before I even think of doing a hard workout again.

    1. Thanks Karen! That's what I needed to hear. I'm such a rookie, I needed a seasoned running veteran to put me in my place! I'm taking it slow...And a sincere thanks for reading my silly blog! WOW! I'm in awe, 11 CIM's - you go girl!!

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  3. Haha! I think this is so true!!! Even after a good Half I feel lost!! You don't realize how much TIME your training takes up until you don't have to be so purposeful with it anymore!

    1. Exactly! Good think my next training program starts on Jan 1 :)


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