Merry, merry..

10:59 AM

And like that it's done!

The presence of my family, happy and healthy, is truly the greatest present I can receive. It's one that cannot be bought, but only hoped for. Don't get me wrong, real, tangible presents are great too - but being surrounded by loved ones goes much further than any actual present will!

Work let us off really early on Christmas eve, so I got my eyebrows and hair done. Gotta look pretty for the big day :) Then I finished some quick shopping, yes, I survived the grocery store and Target on Christmas eve!!

With plenty of time to spare, I came home opened a bottle of wine, poured it into one of my favorite wine glasses - Mickey, duh, and enjoyed a glass while listening to Mariah Carey Holiday station on Pandora and wrapping presents. Just when I thought I was done, ready to head to Christmas Eve dinner, I realized I still had 3 more to wrap! Gah!

I talked my parents out of your more recent tradition of going to Red Lobster for Christmas Eve. I asked if we could go to Bandera, which worked out in all of our favors. A friend recently had food poisoning from RL, so we were all glad we weren't going there!

Merry, Merry Eve!
Dinner was amazing! Every dish was loved and everyone stole bites of each others! We don't come here often enough, but maybe now this will be a revised tradition, from here on out!

Introduced the family to a new appetizer - Salmon! [Bandera]

Chicken and Ribs combo [Bandera]

5 Nut Brownie, topped with ice cream and caramel drizzle!
One of my favorite traditions happens on Christmas eve! Although I'm 30 years old, I still ask "Santa" (aka Momma) for these PJ's every year. Momma says we are too old for these, aka we choose way too expensive jammies, so we should stop this tradition. I convinced her that she can stop when I'm 31, but next year I will still try to convince her to keep it going....until I have kids. That sounds like a great plan! She' can't say no to that right? They also thought it would be funny to give us a specific gift! So, as they are looking on with delight and laughing, Lil and I open a joint gift. Fire extinguishers! Really? Such a Poppa Bear gift to give, so practical and random! He's always looking out for his daughters! Funny, but definitely needed!

Momma received a pretty bad secret Santa gift this year. It was a bunch of random Christmas "junk" as she referred to it. However, inside was a pair of 3D glasses. When you put them on and looked at the Christmas Tree it made the lights pop. Poppa Bear wondered if it would work if you put it over the lenses of the camera's on our phones. Here is what we saw:

It worked!
I headed home to wrap up the last of my gifts and get a goods night sleep for the busy day we had ahead. My presence was requested back at the Parentals at 8:30AM to do our family Christmas! 

After making my annual Starbucks trip for the Lil and I, I walked into my parents house and saw this:

Costco is awesome!
Little was sitting in hers, which was right next to mine. Us in our jammies and our new "thrones"!

Perfect Starbucks holders.
As usual, I was beyond spoiled by my favorite 3 humans in this world. I got plenty of workout gear, a highly coveted pink Bosu Ball, some fun stocking stuffers, and plenty of other gifts that I absolutely love!

I didn't even know they came in pink, score!!
Poppa Bear was hilarious, as usual. He doesn't even try and it he says stuff that I can't even make up. He had the Lil buy him one of his fave brands of Giants shirts, only to realize he already had that one. He also got a new bottle of Crown Royal, but really just wants the bag - except, for the maple flavor it comes with a brown bag! Now he can color coordinate his outfits and man purse!


Maple, just like is complexion, apparently!

After all the presents were opened, Poppa Bear set out to make breakfast. This is the first year in LONG time he didn't make bacon. But I was actually, completely okay with it because we had linguisa! We took this opportunity to take our traditional sister jammies by the tree picture.

Christmas morning!

I could have eaten 5 plates of this stuff!

Then it was time to get their exercise on - the bet is still going, so they set out to get their mile done. I decided this was the perfect time to head out too. I had originally planned to get 5 miles in as a treat to myself, however time did not permit. So, I treated myself to a quick and lovely little 5k!

Merry 5k to Me!

Then it was time to head over to our cousin's casa to see the entire family! Like all 40 of them. Our Christmas feasts are almost identical to our Thanksgiving feasts, which mean tons and tons of appetizers, food, and desserts. I tried to be cognizant of over-eating, but sometimes it just has to happen ;) The time is really spent hanging out with family, playing with the kidlets, watching Basketball, playing Basketball and Baseball, and also opening gifts!

Poppa Bear, pay attention!

The stairs are always fun to play on [Lil-M-M]

Cheetos addict!

After eating, lounging, snacking, and more eating, I decided it was finally time to head home. I did have to work the next day and all, bah hum bug! It seems like most of the Aunts and Uncles are retired now, so they didn't even bat an eye when I said I had work the next day! I also planned to open presents with the Bestest and her BF at my house, so I didn't to be up too late. 

They were driving around the Fab 40's right before they came over. I really should go do that before they take all the lights down! The Bestest does not "technically" celebrate Christmas, but she does with me! We love getting each other presents, I love the wrapping part more than she does. But she knows I love it so she wraps them. I even slacked this year and didn't give her a card :/ Her and Hot got me some great gifts - I can't wait to read and watch them! Gifts that keep giving, those are the best.

This amazing gem will be with me ALL YEAR!!

From our Ohana to yours, I hope your yesterday, today, and tomorrow are always Merry!

Obligatory Christmas photo!

Your presence is the best present you can gift to anyone you love!

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