Group of Death

10:35 AM

2 Groups of Death, now this is just getting crazy!
Yes, my blog has been continual posts about running. BUT soccer is my first true love!
2014 World Cup
So as we close out 2013, I couldn't be any happier to welcome 2014, because it is a World Cup YEAR! Come June 2014, I will be taking random time off from work to celebrate this momentous occasion celebrated around the world and even here in the States.
Bring it Group G
So, today on ESPN 2 they draw went down. I have it on DVR, so I can watch later, even though I know the results.
In case you were wondering, the second Group of Death was Group B! Here's a quick synopsis of the groups: U.S. draws into 'Group of Death' for 2014 World Cup
If soccer is new to you then here is a great article to get some insight as to how the WC works: 2014 World Cup Draw. It breaks down the 32 teams that qualified, the "Pots" and how they are divided, and a little section on "Teams to Watch"!
It will be tough, but I'm so excited to see our boys do their thang in Brazil. Currently ranked 14th in the world and playing people ranked above and below us, all formidable opponents!
I'm so giddy and it's still 6 months away!!


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