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I guess I can't blog when there is a holiday!

I left my small, minuscule area of the blog world to fully invest myself in the Thanksgiving holiday. Basically once I clocked out for work on Wednesday (at 2PM, yay), I was on vacation...from EVERYTHING! Bad blogger....I know, I know...

So here goes my recap of my busy, yet fun weekend full of food, family, and fun!

After my Run to Feed the Hungry 10k I went home to get pretty and make an appetizer. I'd been anxiously awaiting making this appetizer for my family. They are judgemental and I don't cook often, so this could have been a deadly combo. However, I scoured the Internet, but thanks to good ol Pillsbury I found a dummy-proof appetizer recipe.

I love apps that make cool/fun stuff :)
Since 5 is my favorite number and this recipe requires 5 ingredients I knew this was meant to be ;) So after my training run (Wednesday night) with Fleet Feet and dinner with the parentals, we set out to Safeway for the ingredients to make Feta Crescent Triangles. Safeway had everything, so in one fell swoop I was able to get everything. I was a littler nervous to be grocery shopping the night before Thanksgiving, but at 9PM on the grid, it was bearable!

They weren't hard to make at all! However, cutting the crescent rolls into the right size squares was tricky. My triangles were definitely inconsistent - the first package I made much larger triangles, then on the second batch I made them smaller in hopes to get more out of the package. I have no idea how according to the recipe you should get 24 triangles from one roll? I'm still boggled by this..

Anywho, it was a big deal when I brought these puppies to Thanksgiving day lunch. Everyone knows that I don't ever cook, so all jokes aside, everyone said they tasted good. Granted, I didn't really "cook" anything, I'm glad they came out good. Maybe my next contribution will be a little more intricate!

My Thanksgiving Appetizer
As all of our family parties go, we have a start time of 1PM. We always have the basic American flair of food, however there are always little touches of Filipino sprinkled in, i.e. - lumpia & pancit! They are staples in family parties and are so delicious!

Poppa Bear & I
This year, as we gathered around before grace, my Aunt wanted us each to say one thing we were grateful for. It got emotional toward the end, and I swear almost everyone said "family", but we were all laughing at the end we didn't actually say grace. Silly, family!

Sister & Brother

One large piece of this puzzle was missing, Lil!
My nephews are silly and I love it!
We ate. We acted silly. We sang "Happy Birthday" (Uncle B turns 70 soon, we celebrated early). We ate again. We goofed off. We introduced a 5 year old to Thomas and Friends. Basketball was played. Conversation was had. Black Friday plans were established, Starbucks orders were taken. Then the food was divided up into Tupperware and Ziploc baggies and we were all off to get sleep for our 6AM meet up time.

The women of our family have been going "Black Friday" shopping for (apparently) 30 years or so. My Grandma started this tradition and all of us have continued it strongly. Everyone brings their ads to Thanksgiving and we spread them out on the kitchen table. We cut things out, make notes, and make a game plan. This year we switched it up, instead of starting at the mall, we started out at Target.

Since most retail places were open on Thanksgiving Day (awful, I do NOT support this), Black Friday was not the madness that is usually is. Our plan of action went as follows: (Me - pick up Starbucks order) > Target > Arden Fair Mall (lunch at Nordies Cafe, usually at Kiko's) > Kohl's > Old Navy (insanity, 50% off everything) > Sports Authority > HOME! I shop like crazy on this day, but mostly for myself. I needed new work clothes that fit, which is where Target came in clutch 40% of everything - apparel, shoes, and accessories. Gap and Old Navy had 50% off everything. Lulu had no sale, big surprise, but I splurged and bought myself a new fun pair of leggings - which I happily sported the next day! No shame in my game! I also did some damage at Nordies. I don't splurge as often on expensive jeans, but I think every other year for a $200 pair of jeans is okay. I can honestly say I keep them for years. I get my money's worth out of the investment, promise! Below is a picture of everything I bought (which I sent to my Bestest), but it looks awful. I swear, there are some really cute things in that pile!

Black Friday Come-ups!

Other stuff I did during this weekend :

1. Cleaned the entire down stairs & decorated (even our guest bathroom is now themed)!

2. Wrapped more than 5 presents already :)

3. Watched the "Bling Ring", glad I waited to watch it on DVD.

4. Made and ordered our family holiday cards.

5. Had dinner with all of my brohams from high school, impromptu, but almost everyone made it! Also had an interesting experience at a new bar, epic people watching!

6. Ran my last long, Sunday run with my training group!
Race day is 1 week AWAY!
Got a good shot of the whole crew, well those that showed up!
7. Met up with my Bestest, her Hubs, Lovebug, and other friend to hangout while they finished brunch! Got to snuggle my baby boy and discuss our 2014 running goal of San Diego Rock-n-Roll 1/2 Marathon, I think I convinced the Bestest to do her FIRST!

8. Watched 3/4 of the 49er game, it's been awhile since I've watch the whole thing. Met up with my married friends to watch most of the game.

My New Kaep jersey from Target!

Football watching kinda grub!
9. Watched "Delivery Man" with the fam and had a quick dinner before Lil headed home. But don't fret, we'll see her next week for RACE WEEKEND!
Text I sent to the Lil to see if they wanted to see a movie
10. Bought a tree, decorated it, and even put presents under it.

That was fun to relive my favorite holiday weekend :)

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