'eeeeef Friday

12:14 PM

It's Friday. Its Fabulous. Five Fabulous "F" things going on in my life...

Fancy : Pulled out my fancy mickey cup and bought a fun bottle of wine for wrapping presents! By FUN, I generally mean I was intrigued by the label. I am no wine snob, this is obvious by my choosing of a "red blend"! I actually thought I was buying the Cab Sav, but I must have reached for the wrong bottle. Oh well, it tastes good and that's all I'm looking for!

I'm down with the sisterhood!

FreshMy aunt who is Bipolar, is on her up swing and she is in full baking and home making mode. So she handed out jars of fresh pomegranate jam. I just had some on toast and it was delicious. I love homemade gifts, they always just taste a little better than store bought!

Pomegranate jam from Auntie Cocoa
Forgetabout eating healthy. When I'm sick I always choose unhealthy, yet comfort food. I also let all portion control go out the door. This picture is my lunch from yesterday. Sad thing is that I could barely taste it, but I ate most of it! Sick during the holidays, means I'll be packing on a few unwanted lbs :(

Mac-n-Cheese and Panda Express

Feelingunder the weather. Head cold, fever, chills. I'm really hoping it doesn't move down to my chest and just stays in my head :/  So for now, I'm chilling on the couch and nursing this head cold. The worst thing about being sick is that I cannot taste my food, that is awful!

My Friday!

FanaticMy bacon obsession is at an all time high. HA! This was the best gift ever. Bacon statistics, quotes, recipes, and such ALL YEAR LONG! 2 bacon gifts this holiday season...and I still have more presents to exchange, so there might be more!

Bacon present #1

Bacon present #2

Have a fabulous weekend y'all and make the best of the rest of 2013!

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