'eeeeef Friday

10:19 AM

It's Friday. Its Fabulous. Five Fabulous "F" things going on in my life...

Freezing : Us Californian's can be wimps, but geeze. It's freezing around here. Especially when the start of your (first) marathon is around 27 degrees! I think it's the only city when you start training it's in the three digit weather and then when you race its below freezing. Oh well, time to pull out the coats and retire the flip flops!

First: run in the Rock-n-Roll series is going down in sunny San Diego in 2014! I've been wanting to run in one of these for years, now it's happening. With my best friend and her hubby, we are all doing the half distance! A mini vacation and a race, I can't wait. It will also be her first race, so it should be exciting!

June 1st in sunnnnny SD!

Frisky: Why aren't more of these type walking around in my city. He is beautiful and I'm so happy he decided to come out with an underwear line so he could model them! This should make anyone's weekend :)

You're welcome!

Freebies: As if I don't brag enough about my job/company, we had a cookie-hot cocoa-coffee party this week. All of the above were given out, in addition to a holiday card and a Target gift card. I was the happiest girl ever, last year the card was to one of our local grocery stores. Now I can buy clothes, DVD's...really, whatever my heart desires!

They know the way to my heart, food and Target!

Flexible: Which I am the complete opposite. I said I would dedicate the rest of December to doing yoga and working on my flexibility. I have yet to start, but I know I need to follow through. There is a free yoga session at Lulu on Sunday, I'm thinking of going as long as my legs aren't too shot from running a free 5K that Fleet Feet is offering. Otherwise, I also need to sign up for a local yoga studio for a month, so that I feel committed to it, since I'm spending my hard earned money!!

Lulu invite via FB

Have a fabulous weekend y'all!

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