'eeef Friday

9:08 AM

It's Friday. Its Fabulous. Five Fabulous "F" things going on in my life...

Family : I love that we get to see them more often during the holidays. We do a great job of seeing each other at least once a month, but something about holiday gatherings just make it that much more special.
MayMay pretending he doesn't like Ate snuggles!

Finished: as of December 8th, sometime before 12PM! We shall see what race day has to offer!

All the hype will end soon :)

Flabergasted: Okay, not really, but kind of annoyed that I didn't get chosen for the Nike Women's Half Marathon in DC. I went into it knowing that it was a huge possibility that I wouldn't get slected for the lotttery. We got the denial e-mail this week, I was annoyed. But I was also relieved. Traveling to DC and accomodations could get pricey. It also leaves it me more apt and financially able to go and finally participate in a Rock-n-Roll Half (in SD)! So it was a blessing, but no one likes to feel rejected ;)


Finallong run and Wednesday speed workout with my Fleet Feet training group. Only one more run (today) and then its race day! Feels weird to spend a week running less than 5 miles each run. I guess I better "trust the training" and not question it.

10 Min Warm Up - 20 Mins of 3 @ 10K 2 @ Jog - 10 Min Cool Down

Farting: I do it all the dang time, but a lot less now because of my Probiotics. I love to do it, talk about it, joke about it, laugh about it, and discuss the topic with friends. Hey, it's a natural thing that our body does, why is it so passe?

I died.
Have a fabulous weekend y'all!

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