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Nor Cal girl by birth, I pretty much bleed Orange && Black for baseball season and Red && Gold for football season. Granted, I'm not the hugest football fan - I still enjoy the likes of Joe Montana, Steve Young, Jerry Rice, and especially Kaepernick these days!

Kap, I ain't mad atch ya! [49ers Instagram]

I've watched countless games on TV with Poppa Bear. I've come to enjoy the moments of yelling at the TV or cheering on our fave team. It is sad to see the Candlestick era come to an end, but the new Levi Stadium is going to be amazing. If it rivals anything like what the Giants did, it will be beyond state of the art and they will take good measures to ensure it is as green as possible!!

Everyone else was probably prepping or traveling for Christmas last night, however a huge population were watching Monday Night Football and the memorable last home game at Candlestick. I'm bummed I didn't get to a game this year, but I'm grateful I was able to go to a game last year.

It's old. It causes awful traffic. It's full of history. It's the home of my favorite team. There are so many memories that reside in that little haven of sporting events! So it was fitting to watch the game with my fave Niner girls, the only thing missing was Poppa Bear!

Me & the Preggers

The Bestest & Hotlanta hosted us at their cute casa! We munched on Adobo (best Filipino food ever), Pad Thai (compliments of me), chips and dip, buffalo chicken wings, pasta salad, and orzo! We had some adult beverages, mine came in the form of grapes! It was all amazing, but more importantly I found this gem of dessert at the Sacramento Co-op! Oh-my-GOSH! it tastes like Samoa Girl Scout Cookies, without the chocolate...so it's basically AMAZING! Me and the Preggers basically ate the entire bag to our selves and didn't have a care in the world. We just kept saying "one more handful, one more handful!"

Cute packaging and delicious!

The game was pretty ugly for awhile. Seriously, we couldn't loose to one of the worst teams in the NFL at the moment, could we? Of course, Bowman came through with an awesome interception/bobble of the ball recovery and we ended up winning! As an ESPN announcer said, "It's like a Homecoming game, they aren't going to schedule a team that will beat them." Which is even more ironic, because of how good the Falcons were last year and how intense that game was.

Fireworks & Boys II Men post-show, wished I could have seen it! [49er Instagram]

Like a storybook ending, the Niners win their last home game in Candlestick, while also clinching a playoff spot. It couldn't have ended any more perfect than it did! The Quest for 6 continues for our boys in Red && Gold!

It sure does! [49er Instagram]

Random - On my way to watch the game, I saw firefighters trying to put out a Jeep that was on fire in a Del Taco parking lot. Luckily the fire station is less than a block away from the fire. It was super random, but I hope everyone is okay. Just another small reminder to be thankful for everything and safety during the holiday season!

Jeep on fire :/

Now that that's over, we can get down to business. Merry Christmas Eve y'all!

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