Confessions of an Almost-Marathon-er

5:07 PM

So I’m about to have a case of the judgementals…

So please stop reading here if you think you will be offended. I will not apologize for my random thoughts, they are a product of my observations while running, racing, and just being about. These will also be some confessions or close to TMI’s.

Know that I try not to actively be super judgment, sometimes it just happens. I won’t use the word “hate” because that is a strong word and most things don’t go under that category (always exceptions to the rule though)

·         I strongly dislike tutu’s for women/girls over the age of 7ish. Exception: Mom’s wearing them with their daughters (or son’s) is acceptable, the camaraderie is commendable. Also, if it is part of a costume/theme run, I am less apt to be annoyed by your flouncing tutu.
         **Sidenote about this bullet point, I think I'm one of the very few with this opinion. There are no e-cards mocking tutu's, I was highly upset by this!
·         I wear tight running clothes because I am deathly afraid of getting chub rub, not because I think my body is bangin’!
·      Snot rockets are disgusting, I don't care now necessary they are.
·         I just want to get this run (marathon) done, this last week is taking forever. I don’t want to really talk it about it with family/friends until it’s done, because all I can do is speculate.
·         I dislike wearing race shirts at the race, even though I did this for maybe my first year. I was young and didn’t know better, a definite rook move.
·         I will wear loud colors, even though I’m just a middle-of-the-pack runner.
·         People's sweat patterns make me laught and disgust me at the same time, weird, I know! 
·         I look to see what brand running gear everyone is sporting (the girly part in me)!
·         It took me a long time to commit to a Garmin and I still don’t know how to work the darn thing!
·         I’m loyal to a training plan.
·         Loud breathers shouldn’t run close to me, they scare me – even though I am probably one, I’m conditioned to my own noises ;)
·         Carb loading is probably my favorite aspect of running! I will NOT read any article that say this is ineffective!
·         Although I don’t care for group running, my Fleet Feet Training group has been invaluable. The coaches are insightful and the group has been nothing but supportive and encouraging!
·         I hate dislike getting passed by other runners. Yes it happens often because I’m a middle-of-the-pack runner, but I still dislike it. It drives me mad.
·         I never thought I could run without music, but I’m used to it now and can’t really imagine running with it (besides as the gym on the treadmill).
·         I have become addicted to reading blogs (and writing on mine almost daily). I love reading what they have to say, even if it’s not running related.
·         I would love to get free stuff, but I’m just as content as paying for the things that I really like.
·         Is it weird that I get just as much enjoyment from buying workout clothes (Lulu’s especially, but anything really) as my causal/going out clothes?
·         If my running can inspire just one person, I will be happy.
·         I am extremely grateful that my body has cooperated for my training for ALL of my races – big or small.
·         I’m scared shitless of miles 18-20 and the little damn hill between 20-21.
·         I really hope I don’t look like I’m dying from mile 22 on, because that’s where the majority of family and friends will be cheering.
·         I’m excited that my Lil is running her first with me, this will be something we NEVER forget! Even though she’s faster than me, I’m still proud of her!
·         I still need to read the dang running book I bought and watch the dang running DVD I bought – wasted money as usu.
·         I’m so over it, training really is the race, the actual race is the finishing touch.
·         As many times as I say to myself “The time at the finish line does not define you,” I still DON’T believe it at all.
·         I feel like my butt has shrank because of this running, that is NOT okay!
·         My feet are now what I’d consider Sensitive Sally’s! They always want to be rested after long runs and snug in my compression socks for at least 2 hours – I’ll oblige ;)
·         I want to take a bunch of pics before the race, but I don’t want to leave my phone in the race bag or carry it during my run… #runnerprobs
·         For some reason, I can talk about this race until I’m blue in the face…must be the nerves.
·         I’ll be attending my first tweet up and I have no idea what this entails, but I did recruit the Lil so we can experience this shenanigans together!
·         I over share and I don’t care.
·         I have no shame in farting while running, it’s natural…it happens (TMI).
·         I’m grateful my stems let me do what I do!

Okay, I’ve officially exhausted you with my random running confessions that are running amok (absolute no pun intended) in my brain these days leading up to my first marathon.

The unknown is the hardest…the run is whatever…

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