Veggie Week

11:50 AM

Once a month, for an entire week, I eat vegetarian.
By vegetarian, let me clarify, I do not eat anything with a face. Yes, this includes, beef, pork, chicken, and all seafood. Eggs are okay! Yes, might seem like a silly way to describe it, but it literally works like a charm. When people first hear about my “veggie week” they immediately ask what I eat. That statement is usually followed by a chuckle and then a “you’re crazy!”

How it began – Papa Bear had open heart surgery in Feb 2007. This literally scared the living crap out of me. I was an emotional mess, even though Sacramento has the top surgeons for this procedure and apparently this is more common that I thought. He had 7 blockages, yes 7, no exaggeration. I was insanely scared to lose him, what if he didn’t wake up from the surgery? He is my rock, I’m such a Daddy’s girl…and so is my sister. I was also pissed. Pissed that he let himself get to this point. This surgery could have been prevented, although we both know that over 50 years of bad diet and lack of exercise are hard to battle. I was mad at him and scared.

Somewhere and sometime, because I cannot, for the life of me, remember when I actually started this – I questioned myself: “what is one change that I can try that will be a little healthier in my life?” Thus came the idea of Veggie Week. I’ve taken to the idea that I started this right after my Dad’s surgery, which would put Veggie Week at over five years. It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long, so I can’t really say.
Needless to say, pretty much every 3rd week of the month from Sunday to Saturday I will follow my rules of Veggie Week. Mind you, the evolution of VW has become much more healthier. For a long time, VW consisted of grilled cheeses, any kind of pasta, and cheese pizza. However, I’ve made a conscious effort to really eat salads and tons of veggies, while also finding ways to incorporate protein into my diet as well.
Yes, I do this for myself and at times it gets in the way of life and life events. Most notably holidays and parties, but because it’s something I do, I adjust the schedule. I try to either change the days so they are 7 consecutive days or if need be, I’ll cheat for one day and add an extra day at the end. This doesn’t happen often, mostly for Thanksgiving.

I can remember one month I didn’t do it, so the next month I did two whole weeks as VW. That was rough! Don’t get me wrong, it has been a battle and a learning experience. I don’t always eat healthy that week, but I don’t always eat that healthy when I eat animals, so really it’s about the same.

People love to judge me for it and always say they can’t do it. To be honest, I don’t really care. My veggie eating ways don’t affect anyone else but myself, well besides when we go out and I try to pick a veggie friendly place. I would love and encourage anyone to try it, especially my friends and family, but I will NOT push it on them!

The funniest situation is at a restaurant. Sometimes they will question if I am a vegetarian when inquire about certain dishes, etc. I’ve come to realize, real quick, I just need to say I’m a vegetarian. If I even bring up veggie week, it can get awkward and  I get some strange looks.

Yes, I love bacon. Yes, I love chicken. Yes, I love steak. But, I have committed to this random, weird little tradition of giving up my loves for seven days. I do it for myself and am not really worried if you don’t understand it or you cannot fathom it. Because honestly, if you wanted to do something you would. Thanks to Papa Bear, I made a slightly healthier change in my life for the better.

Remembering why I started this still makes me slightly sad, but I know that he is still here with me and I can go hug him any time I want. It also means I can shove fitness, healthy eating, and exercising down his throat at all times, even if he ignores me.

I love the shit out of bacon, but I can dig some veggies and tofu too!

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