Product Review: PRO Compression Marathon Pink Socks

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I love reviewing food places (Yelp), why not do it for running stuff too!

To be completely honest, I don't know exactly why I am supposed to wear these. I know the basics, they help with recovery after runs and I "think" they help blood circulation. Why and how they work, that's still a mystery to me. Buuuuut, this middle-of-the-pack runner falls into all types of stereotypes and will buy anything that is said to be good for me. Or in reality, that makes me fee like a "real" runner, lame I know. But, I've come across some cool stuff in my running journey.

I've had a pair of compression sleeves for a little over a year. I was getting really bad shin splints earlier in the year (Jan-Feb), so I picked up a pair at the local Fleet Feet. I've enjoyed them post races and more recently, post long runs.
I'll never understand how people wear them during runs. They are way too snug for me to think that would be comfortable for any length of time spent running. I love putting those bad boys on and laying in bed. It should be noted that I almost always work up a sweat putting these damn things on, it is essentially related to a recent post.
So when I was reading Go Girl's recent race recap for Ragnar Relay in Las Vegas, she offered a 40% off code. Umm, perfect for a baller-on-a-budget, such as myself. I've been wanting a pair of the full socks, but too cheap to spend $50 on one pair of socks. I know, I know...I'm cheap with some things, it just happens.
I immediately, after posting a comment on her post, went to the Pro Compression website. I was having a hard time deciding between:

Image 1
Marathon Pink

Image 1
Marathon Retro

Both were the same price. Which ones do you think won? Duh, pink of course. There is something about pink that sways me every time. Pink is so girly, but I'm so attracted to all things pink when it comes to running.

Free shipping, 40% off, left me with a grand total of $32. Not too shabby, I could deal with that. They came fairly fast. According to their sizing chart I was to order a size XS (accommodates women's size 4-6). As per the usu, they easily went over my foot, but right after the ankle began the normal struggle. Pulling and maneuvering to get them over my calves was a feat in itself. You know they are extremely tight when you can see the white of the elastic stretching. After all was said and done, with minimal sweat, they were on and I was relaxing after a taper run of 14 miles.

They felt great. I loved having the compression/snug feeling on my feet and especially my toes (which have been sore as of late, post runs). I'm not exactly sure how long you are supposed to leave these guys on, so I generally have them on for 1-2 hours. Maybe I should read directions or do some research, huh?!

If this were a Yelp review I'd give them 4 out of 5 stars. A little pricey, but worth the benefits!

I love 'em, even if I don't understand them...

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