One Month...Reality is Setting IN!

10:53 AM

One month…
Eeek, one more month left...
That’s it! All this training, all this mental exhaustion, it’s all for this one day. Lil’ sent me a little reminder text to remind me, I almost forgot about the countdown. I’ve been so focused on these long runs and (trying) staying positive, that I forgot to pay attention to the countdown!

Lulu strikes again!

Although it’s pricey, the joy of buying cute running clothes and accessories really gets me excited to run. So, as I was baller-on-a-budgetly perusing the “we made too much” section, I was overly excited to find a lulu-amphipod collab. I already use Amphiod water bottles, but to have one with lulu on it makes me way too happy. No one will notice it, but I will know that it’s boughie ‘ol lulu. I love the look of lulu stuff, but my budget and conscious make it hard for me to buy their stuff, I mostly buy stuff on sale. I ain’t got no shame in my game these days. However, since I received my bonus, one of the controversial lulu capri’s is in my near future – I am making sure of it!
As I look at my training schedule, as if I haven’t already memorized it, I’ve only been focusing on the distances that I’ve never ran before. So to know that I’ve already ran 16, made this Sunday’s run slightly easier. With the exception that it was at “marathon pace,” whatever the hell that is these days? I think it was to bring us down to reality from all of our “easy” runs. So, I knew this run was going to be tough, but the distance was doable.
Hood hoops && heels!
Me & Kokizzle
Friendship rainbow
Dinner of champs!
The only issue was that the previous night I made the decision, awhile ago, to partake in an extra Girls Night event. A Slow Jams concert in Stockton. Yup, we braved the 209 and got our groove on to J. Holiday, H-town, Genuwine, Jagged Edge, and 112. The concert was poorly planned and some acts weren’t the best, but with 10 of your girlfriends, anything is fun! It was a chance to get dolled up and reminisce with some great old school jams! It was for sure a little rough around the edges, but no hood hoops were needed to be removed and everyone was able to laugh at the situation. Also, I only had a pretzel w/ nacho cheese for dinner. So, by 11:30PM I was starving, but had to get to bed for the early wake up call. I chomped on a few Cheddar Rockets (Tj’s) and went to bed, hoping that was enough to suffice for the long run!
The dip, before the HIGH (22 miles)!!
It was a beautiful morning for a run. The sun was out, yet it was definitely crisp. We’d just done part of this course, so I knew what to expect regarding hills and terrain. Some views are nicer than others, like when we are running near the water and we can see all the salmon jumping! Others are more boring, but it’s also a blessing to be surrounded by nature while I run. So, I was keeping pace with Cathy and Trina again, and our pace was supposed to be 9:20min/mile. We warmed up for the first 1.5 miles, which was nice, but we were still going fairly fast. Then once we saw that little yellow cone, we were off to hitting our marathon pace. As always, it’s gravy until about 13 miles, that’s where I tend to get a little weak. However, with the help of those two I was able to stay fairly focused. At times we were running sub 9’s and other’s we were running at 9:30AM, however I averaged out exactly at 9:20min/mile pace at the end. About one or two miles from the finish I got behind those two, which was fine. I had to mentally talk myself through it, saying it wasn’t a race and that I need to run my own run. So, although they were ahead of me, I kept my head up and smiled to keep me motivated to finish. I got a horrible cramp the last 0.75 miles, so I felt like I was going awfully slow. I knew it was the cool down and at the end, so I tried to run it out, but at one point it felt like I was having contractions (if I knew what they actually felt like) ;)
As I’ve said before, I’m not great at running with others. However, I’ve been running with C & T for the last few long runs and last Wednesday. I’m not sure if it’s helping or hurting my running. I know at times they help me tremendously, they encourage me and I always seem to be trying to keep up with them. However, this is also to my detriment. I let it get to me mentally that I feel like I’m struggling to keep up with them. Come race day, I’m not sure we’ll even run together. But it’s definitely been a learning experience these past few weeks. Up until we were at the half marathon distance in training I was always passing them and running the long runs hard, but now this has changed. These longer runs are getting more rough and I’m struggling at times. So to see them pull ahead of me gets frustrating, but I have to remind myself that its only training and I’m doing this for me – not to chase after other people. As I remember this, I make myself smile to passerby-er’s and hope that  it gets me to my finish sooner, rather than later!
All this work for one dang race! ;)

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