Marathon Obsessed

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Obsessed is pretty accurate.
It consumes my thoughts, my daily activities, and has just plain 'ol taken over my life. Maybe I'm obsessive because it's my first one...or that's just how I get with this type of stuff. My family and friends have taken to my obsession or they are really good at hiding their disdain for my constant social media posts and my continuous talking of the race and training antics.
Well, in less than three short weeks my day will have come and gone. Until then, I will continue to read endless articles, look for advice, stalk twitter, and even attend a CIM seminar with my training group (yeah, yeah, kumbaya-ing it up)!
I ran across this article and I wanted to see how I stack up against these mistakes.

The 5 Biggest Marathoning Mistakes

By Sabrina Grotewold

Published Sep. 9, 2013, Updated Sep. 11, 2013 at 4:36 PM UTC

1. Overtraining & Undertraining

This one is hard, I think my running training is spot on. Well it should be, I'm using a group for this effort. I follow their schedule and do all the work. I feel like I've gotten slower, but I know I need to "Respect the distance" and make sure I can survive then entire 26.2 miles. I feel slower, because I am, I'm just coming to terms with it.

2. Completing Long Runs Too Fast

This has been one of the hardest things to comprehend. Before, I'd go balls out on my runs....well, maybe not that hard, but I would go hard and really judge my run by my minute per mile. Yes, I know this is a no-no, which is why for our long training runs I've taken my "long pace" serious and tried to stay in that timing pace. At times it's been hard, because the women I run with tend to get a little speedy at times, but I remind myself that this is my run and do what works best for me. I'm still learning...

3. Experimenting On Race Day

The only way this will go down is if there is crazy weather. All my gear will be stuff I've used on long runs. My nutrition will be what I've used to "train my gut". My "newish" shoes have been broken in. I'm taking this to heart, I'm keeping all status quo and will not try to make any last minute permitting!

4. Going Out Too Fast

I think I have this down. We've been practicing this on our long runs. Although with the adrenaline pumping on race day, I better make sure to remember this. From what I've heard, the start is pretty insane at CIM, especially for someone at my "middle-of-the-pack" running pace. I run the pace that the average Joe runs, so it might be as crowded as Wal-Mart on Black Friday! I'm just scared I'll start of too slow. I'll be keeping an eye on my watch to keep myself in check...or chasing after a pacer, either way my game plan is to go out slower. I really am taking to heart what the author says, " In order to reach the final 6.2 miles with enough juice in your legs to race toward the finish, you need to relax and settle into a rhythm for the first 20 miles. "

5. Placing Too Much Emphasis on Time
This BY FAR has been the hardest thing to accept. At first I had a "dream goal" of completing my race in 4 hours. But as our training has commenced, this goal feels further and further away. I can almost laugh at the novice of my statement. However, one thing has always been consistent - I want to finish, finish strong, and finish with a smile. But my dream goal time has been weighing over me. However, after my awfully hard 20-miler, I accepted that I probably won't hit the dream goal. Thus comes in this mistake. I really need to stamp this motto into my heart, "The time on the finish line clock doesn't define you." Easier said than done, but I know its one hundred percent, completely true. Best parting advice of the article, "Every marathon finish is a gift."
On to another subject but still related...

Road Vs Treadmill
If you talked to me over 6 months ago, maybe even a little longer, you'd think I didn't know what outdoor/road running was. I only did it on race day. All, and I mean all, of my trainings happened indoor on a treadmill at one of the 24 Hours in Sacramento. Although, possibly in a hotel if I was traveling for work. I might be underestimating the length of my outdoor running. However as I was training for Shamrockin' Half Marathon this year (race was in March), I did all my weekday runs on a treadmill, speed and regular runs. However, I did go outside for my long runs on the weekend, but that was it. Those overly-used, beaten up treadmills were my comfort zone. I became addicted to adjusting the incline and speed at my will.
I live in such a prime place to run outside, I'm actually mad at myself for not taking advantage of it for SOOOO long! Rook move for sure! Well, now I can officially say I'm converted. I haven't hopped on a treadmill in months. However, I did a weekend ago to walk at an incline to get my heart rate up. I don't really count that though, because I wasn't running. However, on Tuesday night I didn't really have a choice in the matter. I was traveling for work, so I was subjected to the treadmill. The weird thing is, a few weeks ago I was craving the treadmill. Yes, literally jonesing to get on that machine that makes my legs work for me, unlike running road. However, after Tuesday night, nope...I want nothing to do with it! Those 3 easy miles felt like hell and seemed to take forever. It probably didn't help that I ate awful that day, like a whole bag of chips awful, and was very lethargic after setting up our booth and opening boxes on boxes of Chocolate Ritter Bars. Definite case of  #firstworldprobs.

Hello, my little friend!

Rough 3 miles, this includes my warm-up & cool down.

So my me and my little friend met again. It didn't go so well, but it got done. During mile 1 I instantly craved the pavement. To be outside, lungs burning from the crisp weather to the dorky head lamp I need, I wanted nothing but that. So now, as a used-to-be treadmill addict, I can say I've fully converted to road.
What will I blog about after December 9th?

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