I Love New (Running) Clothes!

9:22 AM

The glitz and glam of new shoes is great!

Untillllll....you take them out on your first few runs and your feet are burning, your calves are crazy tight, and your runs feel snail paced! Okay, yes I have a case of #firstworld probs and probably #runnerprobs here, but is it wrong to wish that new running shoes came broken in? I think its the combo of breaking in new shoes and new Superfeet.

New blues added to the family :)
Last night was tough to get out the door, but knowing I had an entirely new running outfit made it that much better. A fun and outrageously girly, hot pink New Balance running (Sports Authority) paired with a new set of Under Armour capris (Sports Authority) were waiting to be worn! Gotta love sales and coupons - 20% off the NB top and $10 off a $50 purchase at Sports Authority. I'm girly, but I'm also a baller-on-a-budget!

I also wanted to take them for a test drive to see if they were worthy of a Sunday long run. And by worthy, I mean they did cause chub rub, they stayed put, and they were warm enough to endure the newly crisp fall morning weather.

New Balance top. Under Armour Capris.

Although the capris are technically for "warm weather," they seemed to work. They are fairly compression-like, and I like how they felt. I did wonder if I was having a case of the "lulu's" - aka, were they see through? But since I can't tell, I'll keep using them until someone tells me they are - sound like a good plan, right?
This post sounds bratty, I'll give you that. I am grateful to even complain about new things, so I'll stop talking! Here's to hoping my 3rd run in my new baby blues will go a little better than the last two!
Hot pink makes running even more enjoyable :)

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