I Hate Boot Season :/

8:30 AM

Hate is a strong word...
BUT if your calf size is disproportionate to your shoe size, then you'd feel me on this one.
Seriously, I have average feet for a person that is 5" 4', I rock a stead size 6 in boots, heels, and wedges. Running shoes go up to a 7, black toenails need not apply here! However, I have "Filipino" calves. What are "Filipino" calves, you ask yourself? They are basically calves on steroids! They just tend to be larger than most people's. I think the look is okay for men, but on women it's not so fun. Especially when I have super skinny ankles and small feet. Thus, me having the biggest case of  #firstworldprobs!
Yes, that is one of my favorite hastags. It let's me complain about something so trivial that I feel okay about it ;) Anywho, every year I try to buy boots and every year its the same drama. Calves squeezed so tight it hurts OR go bootless. I'm known to rock flip flops in the winter, but sometimes boots are just what's needed. So, I tend to buy boots that are uncomfortable in the calves, but comfy in the foot/shoe part. Don't even get me started on the saggy ankle issue. When I try to go up in boot sizes they just look goofier, they are less tight on the calves, but they are crazy saggy in the ankle and too big in the foot part. Ugh, just typing this makes me annoyed at my overgrown calves :/
What girls go through for vanity! My new boots came and I tried them on with gusto. Of course they easily zipped up past the ankle, then the tightness came, then pinching, then pain....BUT they were finally closed and on my legs. Even though my calves burned and felt like a chorizo (think weird meat stuffed into a casing)! I'll be damned, these thing weren't getting shipped back. I will wear them until they stretch a bit (even if they have a zipper and won't stretch much)!

Steve Madden: Elevated in Cognac, Size 6
Don't worry, I can kinda feel my toes...

These boots were made for walkin'!

Since we're discussing boots, Uggs have to be the exception to the rule! They are so huge, my calves can slide right in, easy as pie! This might be a huge reason why I love them. Not only are the comfy, but they are so warm its almost too much. Yes, I agree they are not the most attractive thing I could put on my feet. I still rock them, however NEVER will I wear them with a mini denim skirt. They generally go with leggings . I actually don't like to wear them out of the house, but I do on occasion - the movies, to the store, to soccer, to pretty much most places I won't run into anyone!

I died!

I get why people, especially guys hate them. They do resemble moon boots, that always makes me laugh! I do drag my feet in them. However, the original pair I own are about 3 sizes too big for me so this is a huge reason for feet being drug. However, I've come to love the comfy and roomy moon boots, but I also have a pair the size I would normally buy and I barely wear them. They are too snug! I think my calves are traumatized by the overly tight boots, that they relish in the comfort of over sized, roomy Uggs!


Do you know if any Doctor's that specialize in calf reductions?!?

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