Friday's Count as the Weekend, Sometimes...

9:14 PM

Some weekends are just meant to start on Friday!

Doesn't matter that I had work all day. I was able to have lunch with the Parental's and Momma's BFF and her daughter. I've only known her as Aunt J and I will continue to always think of her as family. One of my favorite quotes is "Friends are family we choose.

My friendship role models - Aunt J & Momma

Love lunch dates w/ fam!

Nothing makes me happier than snail mail. I love opening mail, bills and junk/ads go without saying. This week was a great snail mail week. Three on-line orders were delivered, so I was in Heaven.

Snail mail swag!

Saturday stared off great, slept in and enjoyed a pre-workout breakfast. I didn't feel rushed and didn't have much on the agenda so it felt great to take my time. I owed 185 burpees so those were on the agenda at the gym, I now owe 45, I'm pretty stoked about that! I couldn't get ready fast enough to get over to hold the newest lovebug in our family. Mr. Dexter has gotten so baby fat/chubby with the most adorable cheeks, he's such a cutie pie! We all fought to hold him and all indulged in a few Krispy Kreme's!

Being an Ate is one of my fave roles! Hey Dexter Samuel <3

Papa Bear rockin the "No Shave November" & Dexter!

The Parental's continue my addiction! New Krispy Kreme in town!!

Yeah, Manny got put to sleep last time, but I will always root for him. Even though the fight was kind of boring, it was still good to see him fighting again! Back-to-back weekends at Alley Katz, UFC last weekend, now boxing. They ran out of my fave cider, so I tried a new one, not that great. Ps- Made me super fartty for my run today, sorry TMI!. 

Manong Manny just doin' his thang vs. Rios!

Sunday's are for running!  After all these weekends, I get to finally say, "TAPER"!! Who would have thought I'd be excited to see 14 miles on my training schedule? Not this girl, that is still 0.9 miles further than a half marathon...geez! Officially 2 weeks out. The Whole Foods Vegan Maple Donut and Starbucks coffee were a great treat after the run. Donuts really make my weekends complete, I'm just going to have to give in every time!

TAPER time! Annnd another NEW pink shirt!

Another snail mail win this week.

I love the feel of my compression socks! The sleeves work great, but I love the snug feeling on my feet as well. I like this pic, because it makes my stems seem super long, when they really aren't that long. I almost felt inappropriate posting it on FB because it has my sheets in it, but oh well, it was posted! Finished the evening with a "tune-up" massage and left with some real good knowledge of how to do some maintenance at home, and it only cost me $20.

Now I'm stalking catching up on all my fave blogs from this weekend, sipping on some Trader Joe's Cinnamon Vanilla Tea, watching my backed up Voice DVRs, while also switching between the AMA's!

Happy almost Thanksgiving Week y'all!

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