'eeeeef Friday

8:56 AM

It's Friday. Its Fabulous. Five Fabulous "F" things going on in my life...

Friend or Foe: Looking back, I was literally a treadmill addict. Since I was opposed to getting a Garmin watch and didn't trust my iPod or it's apps for tracking, I didn't run outside. I have an odd obsession with tracking mileage and time, so the treadmill fits into my obsession perfectly. I can document my pace, time, and distance without any issues.

We reunited after a loooog time...

Feed the Hungry: A tradition, even if I'm doing it by myself this year, that our family always does! Every year I regret doing this, no sleeping in and running a 10K, then by the time our family festivities start I'm starving...then I over indulge, then pass out. So I have a plan this year. Eat my normal pre-run food, carbs & coffee. Then have my Vega recovery shake after the run, but also eat something small before showering and getting pretty for the day! Yup, that's my plan and I'm sticking to it!

I wish I could count how many of the 20 I've done..

Forever30: In all serious, Forever21 is the appropriate name. Because all of us that shop at Forevs, truly know these clothes are meant for people closer to 21, rather than 30. I've vowed to shop here less, which I've done, but I cannot pass up a 3 story Forevs. Thanks to the Bestest, I knew this was in the city I was traveling for work, so I've been looking forward to it! I didn't go crazy, but I did get two tops and two purses. I've NEEDED a brown bag for awhile and I actually feel better buying faux leather at a cheap price - A. Because it's faux and B. because I thrash my purses and I don't really deserve anything super expensive!

Forevs come-ups!
Feeling: spontaneous when I went to Trader Joe's this week! I saw these cute little Golden Acorn Squashes outside of the front door. The next thing I knew, I was throwing one into my basket. When I got home I googled directions on how to cook this thing. YES, I did have to google it, but then when I grabbed the sucker, ah ha, the sticker had the directions on it. Lucky me, I followed the directions and it was so simple. I've decided I won't be intimated by foods that I don't know how to cook. I also tried cooking another food that night, Couscous! It turned out good, I'm not sure if its too dry or that's how its supposed to taste. Needless to say, I'm slowly expanding my cooking portfolio and trying to make other "healthy" options!

Being adventurous in the kitchen!

First: Annual Grower Meeting at work. I've been told the stories, but until you experience it first hand you don't truly know - as it goes with all things in life. It's such a great event. Seeing the faces of the growers who entrust their almonds to us to sell/market/make a profit, is a great feeling. For them to see how globally they are represented and also to see their appreciation of our hard work makes it worth the time and effort that we all put forth. The exhibit reminds me of the state fair, partly because I know it came from there and partly because it is crazy colorful and active. I'm proud of our division and glad that I was able to attend my first AGM, I hope to be at many, many more!

What I do for a living!
New LinkedIn pic?

Have a fabulous weekend y'all!

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