'eeeef Friday

9:52 AM

[So..it's Monday and I realized this was still sitting in my drafts...so I'm not wasting my hard work, it's getting posted...]

It's Friday. Its Fabulous. Five Fabulous "F" things going on in my life...

Freaky: The little lovebugs are growing up. I remember when their costumes were so g-rated, and dare I say cute - now they want to be gross, scary headless things. They are also soo cool now, they don't even want to trick-or-treat! It's an awesome journey to see them grow up into little men, but I still want them as my little snuggle bugs!

The Paleontologist. The Skeleton. The Headless Scary Thing.

I swear the lovebug likes me ;)
Fat-free: Did you know candy corn is fat free? That makes it the best. I think this is one of the most polarizing candies out there! People either hate it or love it, I'm of the latter group. I love the pure sugar layered in three colors! I love it so much I bought 4lbs of it this year, really it was for decoration, but I can't throw it out, right?!?

This replaces the 20-something slutty costumes ;)
FinallyI'm excited to get my bonus this year. Any bonus really, but since I worked all of 2012 at my old job and left right before bonuses were handed out, I missed out. I'm grateful to even get a bonus, when so many companies don't even offer them. I guess that's the plus side of working in food manufacturing! 

Funkback to somewhat normal. I had a real dip in motivation after last week and early into this week. I was feeling weak during my workouts, running and strength, but I'm in much better spirits and in a happier mood. I knew I wasn't in a good mindset, I just couldn't get out of the funk. I looked at motivational quotes and running blogs, I knew where my mind should be, but it just wouldn't go there. So, today, this lovely Friday, I feel rejuvenated to take on any workout...bring it weights or the 20 miler I have on Sunday :) 

Running mantra's work, I swear!
Fresh: or freezing! Just brought out the winter comforter and its all fresh and clean, and ready to be on my bed. Turned on the heater for the first time this season, it's really starting to feel like Fall. The weather is getting crisper, but I'm enjoying running in it. It's when the rain starts, that's when I'm going to have issues. Until them, happy fall running ya'll!

Have a fabulous weekend to my one and only reader out there ;)

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