Yes, I DO NOT have children.

9:57 AM


At my lovely age everyone is getting married and having babies, which is great, I truly love it all. I love seeing my friends on their special days and being there to welcome their new lovebugs into this world. BUT please save your one phrase that drives me crazy “You don’t have kids so (insert anything regarding kids here)”. Yes, it is a well known fact that I do not have kids and I’m single. However, after seeing many people raise children, I’ve learned a thing or two. Granted I’ve never given birth, although I’ve watched it (that’s a whole different post, in itself), I understand there are aspects that I will not understand until I have them – sleep deprivation, crazy schedules, chaos, etc.


However, please do not take it upon yourself to preface statements with that horrid phrase. It’s very similar to when you tell me “You’re single, so you don’t get it (insert whatever married/coupled life issue you are complaining about)”. Yes, both of these facts are well known by all my friends and family. I understand that you might be using this little phrase as a preface to what you are about to complain about, but it doesn’t need to be said. Yes, I understand I will NOT truly know what motherhood/parenthood will be like until I birth a child, but for now, please assume I can somewhat understand what you are going through. Although I don’t walk around sleep deprived with baby throw-up on my clothes, I get it. I don’t judge you, your journey through parenthood is your journey, and yours alone. I may have an opinion, from my many observations of various people raising kids around me, but I will only offer it if you are close to me or you ask.


Recently I told a good friend, who is a mother, my opinion about this. First she thought I was yelling at her, but I didn’t mean for it to come off that way. I just felt it time to remind her (and the rest of my friends) that although you don’t think I understand, which I don’t one hundred percent, I get it. I truly get it. I know your life revolves around those amazing little humans and that sacrifices are made daily, hourly, or by the minute, for their happiness and safety. I hope you know that I don’t judge you or your actions. It may not be how I think I will do things when I get to have my own, but they are YOUR little humans and I love them, so it doesn’t really matter! That’s all that matters, I know you are working hard to create a family and I appreciate and support that wholeheartedly. So when I tell you to stop using that preface, know that I say it out of love and understanding, not because I’m annoyed (well partially).  


Yes, a human did not slide out of my vagina, but I don’t need you to remind me of this!

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