Training your gut!

1:55 PM

I have enough to train (aka worry about)..

I should not be complaining! A 1:55 for an unofficial half marathon isn't bad at all. But if you saw me at mile 10 you would have thought different. Slightly after Shell's watch beeped, indicating mile 10, I got the worst stomach cramp on the right side of my stomach/abs. Worst one to date while running.

If I take a look at my nutrition, it's not very different than normal. Humongous slice of pizza at the A's playoff game for my dinner before the long runs.

Lots of carbs, but too much dairy. Breakfast was an entire bagel and tall coffee from Starbucks, which was again, normal. 

Mile 5 I took my first shot block. Mile 8 I used something new, Blueberry Pomegranate Gu Roctane.

Soooo?!? What doesn't belong...the Gu. Obviously I have been using my long runs to test what I like and what works. I am going to guess that my body didn't like this brand or I ate too much of the package at once or didn't have enough water. Whatever the cause, I have to change things up for my next run. We have a 12 miler in deck for Sunday, so I will try the Clif version of Gu and only eat half of the packet.

I thought training my lungs and legs was hard, but the gut is the worst!! I never want to have a cramp like that again. Now I realize why people run bent to one side during marathons, because they are cramping equivalent to that of a lady in labor ;)

This also made me take a real hard look at my ideal "race weight"! I'm close to it, but not actually at it. At times I'm 3 to 5 pounds away from it. My eating has been very poor lately! I've been eating out a lot and eating poorly, but damn it tastes sooo good! I need to reel it in, as we are approaching the midway point for our training. Time to focus in calories - intake and burning of them!

I'm not a fan of the trial and error method...but I don't really have a choice...

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