Torture in a Tub

10:09 AM

Runner's are sadistic!

I guess I should amend that statement, athlete's are sadistic. Ice bath's are pure torture! Recently it has been suggested that I try this out, for my sore hip, by a few people. No, plain 'ol icing wasn't going to cut it, a straight up ice bath is what was required. I've been putting it off for awhile, but after my long run on Sunday, I knew it needed to be done.

I've been dealing with a very unassuming, needling, achy right hip for awhile. It was tolerable and manageable for awhile. But after my athletic endeavours last weekend, it went into full "hurting" mode all week, until about Friday, when it began to not be so painful. It's a continual, dulling ache. With different moves of my leg/hip, it tended be more painful. To be honest, this isn't serious pain, but an annoying ache and sensation when I move my leg in different directions. Since, I'm approximately half way through my training, I figured I better be proactive, rather than be reactive when it's too late.

So, I went to Home Depot on Wednesday to but a plug for my tub, but they were out of the size I needed. Really Home Depot, the one thing out of a million that you sell, you're out of? Grrrreat! So, after my 12 mile run yesterday, which was ran much harder than I planned too (we will discuss later), I went to the local Ace Hardware. Who would have thought there would be an Ace in the middle of the Grid? It's not fancy at all, but it has the essentials and I finally remembered to make a copy of my house key, solely for running! Taking my house key off the key ring before every run is annoying...and I'm extremely lazy, so wa-la, I now have a key I can grab and go :) It's the little things in life...

Okay, sorry for the sidetrack, word vomiting over here! Then, I had to go to Safeway, where my next dilemma was what size bag of ice do I buy. I've never, in my entire life, done/made/used an ice bath, so I was just winging it! I went with the 20lb bag and was on my way to torture town.

I put on my swim suit and left my long sleeve shirt on. Grabbed a beach towel and my phone, which I was hoping to use for distraction during my time in the tub. I started to run the cold water, which made me shiver already. At about the halfway full mark I added the ice. I tried not to think about it too much, then I slid in to the tub. I honestly thought I was going to pass out. I almost got out after 1 minute, I was shivering, I couldn't move my arms, my teeth were chattering, and it was burning. Yes, I'm dramatic, but I feel justified. I grabbed my phone to set the timer for 10 minutes, however, I was in fear it would fall in, because I was shaking so violently. I turned on the music, set the timer, and put the phone down. I stiffly, gripped the side of the tub and literally started talking to myself. Things that I was saying: "People do this all the time." "It's 10 minutes of your life." "Don't be wimpy." "There are way worse things than this." "All the work for this, I am not getting out." "I need a pedicure." "I really hope this works." "How the hell do people do this on the reg?"

I'm not sure if I was actually saying this out loud or in my head, but it kinda helped the time pass. I started to acclimate and I felt confident that if I started to use my phone I wouldn't drop it in the water. I was attempting to IG, but all of a sudden the timer went off. Yessss! I threw my phone down and got out immediately.

I guess it wasn't so bad. Those first two minutes are almost, just almost, unbearable. I literally almost gave up. I guess I thought I'd feel the effects immediately, but I didn't. Another rook move. As I sit here today, hopefully not jinxing myself, it feels much better. Way more better than I want to admit, because a) I don't want to have to do another ice bath and b) because I don't want to jinx myself! I know professional athletes wouldn't do it every day if it didn't work. But, I am for sure not a professional athlete, so is it really necessary? We shall see as the week progresses.

- Other Weekend Activities -

I guess I'm writing this post backwards, so let me rewind to Saturday. Saturday marked the day of the every so popular Nike Women's Marathon packet pick-up. Lucky for me, the Sacramento Fleet Feet, was chosen as one of three locations in Northern California to pick up your packets. This race is insanely popular, I think it has to do with the Tiffany's necklace at the end...handed to you by a fire a tux! But that's just my guess! So, with thousands of people trying to pick up their packet, instead of doing it next weekend in the City, this little location in my hometown was overtaken. I drove by at least two times during the day and the line was over a block long. So, I waited until after the baby shower (I was helping to host) was over and went, about an hour before closing. Lucky for me, the line didn't even leave the store at this point. I think I waited approximately 5 minutes before I was given my clear bag of goodies, bib, coral bracelet, and swag. No shirt, you get that after the race apparently. Marketing thought of the moment - don't give the runners their shirts, encourage them to buy Nike gear for the run - I'll probably be one of those suckers that does this too!

After a busy Saturday of early AM rise for a garage sale, quick lift at the gym, co-hosting a baby shower, packet pick-up, dinner with friends and falling into a deep sleep, I apparently didn't set my alarm or I turned it off in an effort to snooze. My sister was in town, so she was crashing our training run with me. Apparently she called me twice (phone on silent), text me (phone on silent again), and after about 15 minutes of standing out there, finally knocked. This is what woke me out of my slumber. I looked at the clock immediately, said some curse words, ran downstairs to let her in. Profusely apologized and then ran upstairs to get dressed, make coffee and eat breakfast, grab my stuff and head out to our run. We were late, more correctly, I made us late. Ugh, I haven't done this yet, so annoying! The group was gone, since I've run here before I was confident that I could figure out where they went.

It should be said that my little sister is (annoyingly) fast. I hold her back, but I try to encourage her to go on. After about three miles she finally did, but she doesn't really do "easy" runs easy. She always runs hard and fast, so I knew we would get separated at some point. I intended to run this easy, because we should have been tapering, but the entire group just raced the prior weekend, so everyone else was in a different mindset. Everyone is getting ready to ramp up the miles, not race the NWM in the hilly city by the Bay, like us! So, although I was supposed to do an "easy" run, it quickly became a somewhat hard run. However, on the 7% grade hill, it was an "easy" run, my slowest mile at 10:43mi/hr. However, I was treating it like I was emulating my race for next weekend. Everyone warns you about the hills, so I was practicing...hopefully it won't bite me in the butt! The last two miles were tough, but I caught up with my new running friend and she kept me at a good pace and helped me push through the wall that had started to build. If it wasn't for her, I would have ran much slower, I was struggling. Just more lessons to learn for my race next week and also to take through the rest of my CIM training.

Side note - Clif Shot Gu didn't really make my stomach hurt, just a little cramp, but it went away fairly quickly. I might try to incorporate this in again in a future run. Gut training, kinda approved!

I just word vomited (almost) my whole weekend....

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