The good, the bad, and the ugly.

9:00 AM

Being a Giants fan has it's ups and it's downs...

[A few pics from some of the games we went to this season.]

2013 went from good to bad real quick. But as fans, you still love them, even if it's heart wrenching!!

This year we bought a six pack of tickets to ensure we'd get an opening weekend ticket. But they were sold out of the Lower Box seats, so we were relegated to the nosebleeds. We weren't thrilled, but we are happy just being at the games.

I was also lucky enough to go to a few extra games this year, with some really awesome seats. I could get used to this type of treatment. I had my first experience right behind home plate, row 19 :)

The boys played their hearts out this year. It just wasn't in the cards for them. They struggled with pitching and hitting, defense, everything...

As a fan it hurts, but I will always love them regardless, even if they don't play any October ball! I'm grateful for their effort and all of my trips to the yard. 

Looking back on this season, these games were more than just a trip to the yard. They were quality time spent with my family. Mom's not really into baseball, but goes because we love it. The rest of us love it all! Spending time together, sometimes freezing our buns off, was an added bonus I wasn't anticipating.

Thank you San Francisco Giants. I appreciate your hard work, your beautiful facility, and your ability to create a magical experience! Born and raised a fan, but as an adult I get to chose to be your fan! Let's get 'me next year!!

I'm too old for nosebleeds...

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