Thankful Tuesday

2:21 PM

On this day, I will follow, and list 10 things that I am grateful. They say you should do this every day. I agree, but in actuality, I do not practice this. So here it goes:


I’m thankful for…

1.       My amazing parents - insanely supportive emotionally and financially. They are always encouraging me to push myself and they are always there to support my crazy ideas, endeavors, or car troubles.

2.       My little sister – she pushes me to be a better person, on the soccer field, in my running, and financially. She is encouraging during our runs, even though I am slower than her, she is even willing to sacrifice her time and speed to stay with me.

3.       My friends – they may not always understand me or what I’m thinking, but they always find ways to make me laugh and keep me in good spirits. They also have ways of making me feel good, their good energy, their amazing personalities and willingness to give (material or friendship) always make me feel completely grateful that I’ve surrounded myself with good people.

4.       My car – I feel blessed to have transportation to get me from A to B. Being without a car for one day makes all the difference. I am thankful that I do not have, nor have I yet to have, a car payment. I need to learn to not take this for granted, because it is something I use daily.

5.       My health – mental and physical. As I train for my first marathon, I am pushing my body to limits I have yet to experience. I can only be thankful, in hopes, that it will continue to cooperate with me through this journey. The hip pain I currently feel will need to assessed as I progress. I can walk, breath, see, lift, and hug someone, so I feel blesses to have a functioning body without any limitations. I might be sore and tired, but I’d rather feel that than feel nothing at all.

6.       My finances – they may be a mess, that along with my credit, but I am continually trying to be better at this aspect of my life. The value of a dollar can be lost on me at times, but I’m learning to budget and spend wisely. It will always be a learning experience, but I am grateful to be employed and have a steady income to continue working at having better finances and credit.

7.       Professional sports – all of the amazing athletes who work hard at their craft so I can watch them compete. It gives me something to watch, cheer for, and it creates a great competitive environment. I’m grateful that we have governing bodies to protect the athletes and also to make sure their sports or televised nationally so that we can enjoy them.

8.       Books – I am so grateful for my ability to get lost in fiction. I love opening a new book, especially a hardbound book, for the first time. Getting lost in words that have been strung together to make a beautiful story. I appreciate that my bookcases are brimming over with books and a new one is needed, that is definitely a good problem to have.

9.       My job – I am grateful to have a job for a company that supports me, is a healthy product in itself, and is at a consistent place of work. This couldn’t be a better position and location for me right now. Although sometimes it’s not as stimulating as I’d like, it is a great job and I do enjoy it. I know I need to improve and be more driven, but that is something that I get to focus on.

10.   Cameras – for allowing me to capture life’s moments, staged or candid. I’m not sure when this obsession started, but it was a long time ago. I feel thankful that I can take as many pictures as I please and have these mementos of all occasions of my life. They adorn my walls, my desk, and are little treasures I can look back on to remember those moments in my past.


There is my thankful list for this Tuesday – 10/8/13. I have a good amount to be thankful for, sometimes writing it out makes you more cognizant of it.


Being thankful goes beyond saying “thanks”…

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