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Because I enjoy the act of being random and I do a damn, fine good job of it…at least in my opinion:

Guilty by Motivation: So, I literally haven’t take an actual “rest” day in a LONG time. I don’t say this to brag, more to maybe admit to myself. If I’m not running, then I’m lifting (which I actually love to do), or playing soccer. But On Monday we had a bye and it was an “active rest” day. Since this weekend was insanely busy, I didn’t get any errands done. I decided to get a few done, then go to the gym. Halfway through the errands, I decided I didn’t want to go – but it was an internal struggle. I hate not going to the gym or working out, I felt extremely guilty. Also, when I skip a day I tend to make other poor choices, specifically in my diet. It’s an all or nothing type of deal. So, I felt guilty for sure…but it felt nice to kind of relax.
Diet…of sorts: Not as in I’m eating clean or healthy, only as in my intake. My food decisions have been very bad as of late. As of late constitutes about 3 weeks now. I need to reel this shit in and get it together. I have a secret race weight and goal and I’m inching farther away from it. I need to step up my game and start making healthy choices…but when I have these delicious temptations I cannot say NO! My new overly used favorite hash tag is #fatkidprobs…it seems to be used way too frequently lately:

Treat: I was on a mission to find a cute new shirt for my upcoming race on Sunday. I know you don’t know me well, but for almost my entire life I refused to buy Nike. But up until that last few years, I caved. It mostly began when all the cute SF Giants gear was only made by Nike. I started the exception there…and slowly it has been getting worse. I was on the lookout for a brightly colored, preferably highlighter yellow, long sleeve dri fit, but I couldn’t find one. So I ended up with a heather, royal blue Under Armor Cold weather top. You’ll get to see it on race day, I’m so excited!! I’m a little nervous it will be too warm, but I have to remember its SF, not Sac!
Typography/Quotes: I love it all. I’ve always loved quotes, reading them, sharing them, writing them down, and applying them to my life. But lately, I’ve been smitten with taking quotes and using apps to make them all cute. I love looking on Pinterest and finding typography ideas as well. Lately, I’ve been a bit runner obsessed so most of my creations are motivation for running, but that just my “thing” right now. I love to be inspired and quotes generally do that :)

Blogging: I have a blog. I don’t tell anyone about it (okay my best friend and one other friend know about it). I’ve been blogging obsessed lately…reading others, that is. Especially running blogs, I love me some olivetorun.com, but I’ve forever been obsessed with abeautifulmess.com, it’s been fun to see them grow into almost a mini empire. But mine, mine is secret. I think a few friends know I write one (I had an old one, but I stopped using it a long time ago). I don’t know what it is…maybe I don’t want to be judged, maybe I have no clue what I’m doing (that’s for sure), or maybe…I don’t know. Whatever the hidden reason is, I just don’t tell people. I have one, I enjoy posting, but I’m not ready for anyone to read it just yet... plus with all my social media accounts already (FB, Twitter (like 5 followers), and especially IG) I don’t think my friends need another thing to follow me on!

This purge of randomness was a great hump day cure…

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