Race Recap: A Run for a Safe Haven

2:59 PM

A race I try to do every year, schedule permitting!

This 5K run/walk is a huge fund raiser for My Sister's House, whom I used to volunteer for and am always hoping to support them in any way possible.

I had been attempting to recruit friends and family for awhile, but to no avail this time. I was going at it solo. Which is fine, I don't mind that anymore. I do my run, donate my money, and get on with my day. However, I was able to finally convince my parentals to partake with me, after some shopping and dinner - that's all it took!

Packet-pick up was only offered on the Friday before the race at Fleet Feet Sacramento. It's on the smaller side so they do the pick-up inside the store, in the front. They normally make you walk through the entire store, for the larger attended races. One table was for picking up bibs and registering, if you still needed too. Then you walked to the other side of the store and picked up your goody bag and shirt. 

2013 Dri-fit Shirt
This year they offered faux dri-fit shirts. They are the cheap version that make you sweat more than anything else. Also, they were bright purple, which is understandable, given this is the colors of the logo and theme for the non-profit.
Race Gear Grid
Yes, a race that is on a Saturday and at 9AM. I get to sleep in and it doesn't interfere with my Sunday fun! And by fun, I mean my marathon long run training ;)

As many smaller runs in Sac go, this was held at William Land Park in the corner. There were plenty of booths to peruse and random swag being given away. They had a cute balloon arch, however, this arch gives you the impression it is the start/finish, however about 10 feet away is actually the start/finish. Don't be fooled, as I was in the end.

Hanging out at the start of the 5k!
There was a kids race at 8:30AM and the actual 5k was at 9AM. You could register the day of the race, which started at 8AM. The race started right at 9AM, however Mr. Garmin decided he couldn't find satellites fast enough to start for the race. Off everyone went, I went out much faster than I should have - go figure.

It was a small race, and they use a route that many of the local 5Ks use. So I knew this course fairly well. They had volunteers and cones to direct the running traffic. They had a water station just after the turn around near the Zoo. I was gassed, from starting out too fast, but once Mr. Garmin started working again - I realized I was running a sub 8. Eeek, that' isn't normal!

I continued fairly strong, came up to the golf course and knew we were near the end. Circle around the course and then all I had to do was get to the balloon arch. Right as I hit mile 3 I was feeling strong and good, I wasn't going to do an all out sprint like I used to do. However, I hear a person coming up on me quick and fast. The inner competitor in me would not allow this. So I began to sprint with him. Silly us, we sprinted to the first mat (under the balloon arch) and thought we were done. Realizing that was the mat to indicate to the announcer our name, we re-started our sprint to the ACTUAL finish line. I think this guy beat me by a millisecond. All in good nature, we high fived after - but I thought I might have an asthma attack, no biggie.

Regaining my breath as best as possible, I set out to go back on the course and find Momma and help her finish strong. I found her somewhere between mile 2 and mile 3. She was running strong, albeit her red face. She was struggling, so it was perfect timing. I talked her through it and as we got to mile 3 she appreciated the cheers. I looked up and told her the time. She said some expletives and started to dig in. Her goal was to hopefully finish in 45 minutes, BUT the clock read 36 minutes...she was crushing her goal! Once she heard that she finished strong and determined. I was so proud of her, she is getting better and better, now we just need to work on her confidence.

After she finished, I got back on the course to find Papa Bear. I ran into him around the same spot I saw Momma. He was slightly limping, but he was walking strong. We chatted, he confessed to skipping part of the course. He wasn't going to from this point on, but I know it took a lot for him to do this walk. He finished with Mom and me walking with him through the end. I think he was proud to have finished, he ended up doing 2.75miles. I'm still proud of him, it's more than he normally does. Baby steps are better than no steps.

Post race goodies were fruit, bagels, and water, per the usu. However, there was a vendor who was giving away loaves of bread. Lucky me, I was in need of some, so I swooped one up. You had two choices - whole wheat or buttermilk. 
Race swag!

Unofficial Results, since they aren't posted yet:

Time: 23:45
Overall Finisher: 19th
Age Group: 2nd

After we perused the booths, we were off to celebrate with some delicious calories! I wasn't even excited about my results, which could potentially be a PR for a 5K. I was so excited at my Momma crushing her goal and Papa Bear finishing the walk, that I was experiencing a runner's high for them. It is such a great feeling to see them setting and finish goals!

This is definitely a race that stays in the yearly rotation!

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