10:59 AM

If I had the financial ability, I'd try something new every day..

Not like driving a new path to work, but a new experience. Taking me out of my comfort zone and the ho-hum of averagality (made up my own word).

Everything I want to try seems to cost money, money of which my budget does not allocate for. However, sometimes you make's definitely the push and pull of life. 

In the beginning of the year I wanted to try something new every month. It was more centered around committing to something new for a month, but that didn't really happen. I don't think that was the best approach. Just being cognizant of trying new things is the key. To make an effort to try new things is more important than trying to meet an arbitrary goal.

If I reflect, I do get to do lots of new things, travel to new cities for work, hike new trails, try trail racing, running my first marathon, just to name a few. This reminds me of the epitome of #firstworldprobs - me trying to find new and exciting things to do, but also being limited by my financial stability.

This is exactly why I had to change my perspective and just enjoy anything new in my life. I'm working on not taking anything for granted and to be truly appreciative of all experiences, new, good, bad, or old.

Trying to keep it funky, fresh...but as a baller-on-a-budget!

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