Let a blogger, blog…

2:39 PM

I really just started blogging.
I started in 2012, but I gave up after a few weeks.

I started again recently and I’m enjoying it. Although I intended for the blog to be about all things in my life, there is one thing that is dominating my life right now – running. So, essentially, I just keep writing about it. I’ve mixed in random things, but it generally comes down to running.

Yesterday (10.30.13) I added a page about myself. So far, the posts have been pretty vague about myself and my identity, however I added pictures of myself and a very top line bio and likes. I could get really personal, but I thought I’d just give you the basics. Also, reading any of my posts probably gives you a better idea of who I am.

I have told approximately 5 people about this blog, but only two were given the actual address. I have absolutely nothing to hide. I’m being overly self conscious and I find a weird sense of happiness knowing I have a special, hidden place in the Internet that all of my family and friends do not know about.

Don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t mind being one of those super cool bloggers who get free stuff, review products, become ambassadors, and most importantly INSPIRE others. That takes time and dedication to the craft of blogging. As of right now, my one reader and weird  tracking websites who look at my page, will get to read my insightful views on all things running, soccer, Giants, and food.

As of late, I’ve been addicted to running blogs. Some for motivation and some for advice, but most of them inspire and encourage me as I’m training for the cliché first marathon. I’ll take all the advice that is thrown out there, it couldn’t hurt, right?

Blogging is weird if you think about it, right?! Putting so many personal thoughts, ideas, and struggles/triumphs into the unknown world of the Internet. People, such as myself, stumble upon your blog, read it, and for the most part either feel connected to it, sympathize with you, or want to disagree. Regardless of the reaction, strangers let other strangers into their lives through words. Words that flow freely and open. I love this idea, it fascinates me….

I blog, just secretly…

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