I hella miss the 805...

2:49 PM

I miss college!

I think its a mixture of missing the carefree lifestyle and  the learning environment. Being basically poor and studying are two of the crappy side effects of the glorious college life, but I'd take them any day, over the 9 to 5 I'll be living for the next 30 years.
Getting denied by Cal was one of the biggest blessings in disguise. Yes, the elusive Blue and Gold..has now been replaced with Green and Gold, in my heart. It may not be the of the same caliber, but I became the person I am supposed to by going to that lovely little school on the Central Coast.

I'm glad I was able to get back there this summer, it has been awhile. I forget how shitty the drive is, but once I'm there, I'm instantly happy. Nostalgic, for as long as I can be, because it's all changed in 6 years. I guess I thought it would stay the same, but it is growing - but, still NO drive thru's! Keep it hippie SLO!
Avila Day
Gross Bali's, I strongly dislike froyo!
Dunes with the Fam
A fellow alum posted this link and I had to share: 30 Signs You Went to Cal Poly, SLO Obviously most if it will be lost on you, if you didn't go there or aren't familiar with it. But reading through the 30 things made my heart happy and me walk around with an ear-to-ear grin for the day!

Enjoy. Go visit. Eat Firestone. Hike Bishops (with your sacred jug of Carlos Rossi). Eat at Firestone. Go to Avila/Pismo. Shop at the freakin' Target. Buy random CP stuff at the school store. Go to the Thursday Night farmer's market. Go to the Mission. Go to Mother's. Go to DTB. Walk down bubble gum alley. Go visit the Business School (its the prettiest on campus). Just GO!
Just $300 worth of crab in Pismo!

A little piece of my heart will always be in the 805!

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