Garmin & Gut Checks...

9:59 AM

Random as they come, this blog post will be...

Still working out the kinks, but I got my first run in with my new toy:

Wednesday Speed Workout w/ my Fleet Feet training group:

1.5 mil - Warmp up
3 mi - 2mins @ 10k pace, 30 sec @ 10mi pace
1.5 mi - Cool down

Thank goodness for my new, silly headlamp too. It got dark before 7PM last night! It definitely came in handy to see how many bugs were flying into my face. We will see how it goes, again, for tomorrow's 6mi AM run...

As I've been "training my gut," I've been on the lookout for various things to earth while I train and just in general. While pursuing the ever so boughie, faux hippie inhabited Co-op I came across two new rest subjects, which I intend to give you my unsolicited opinion!!

PRO BAR Bolt Orangic Energy Chews

Flavor options: Berry Blast, Orange, Raspberry (pictured above), and Strawberry
Price: $2.49 
Serving Size: 5 chews

These little nuggets of goodness don't come cheap, but they are "gut approved"!! I only are three to test them out, about an hour before my speed workout. They tasted delish, although they are slippery little suckers! That would probably be my own's like they are coated in Crisco during their packaging. I like the size of the cubes, slightly smaller than the Clif Shot Blocks, but the packaging is less runner friendly. Although I have a few complaints, I will be buying these expensive little nuggets again! 

You win some, you lose some! It's all in the gamble of gut! I was looking for a grab and go anything for a snack at work or to munch on before a run, so I grabbed a:

Bumble Bar Organic Energy Bar - Amazing Almond

Flavor options: Original Peanut, Amazing Almond (pictured above), Chocolate Crisp, Lushus Lemon, Chai Almond, Classic Cashew, Mixed Nut Medley, Harvest Hazelnut, Awesome Apricot, Chunky Cherry, Cherry Chocolate, Paradise Pineapple, Chocolate Mint, & Chocolate Peanut Butter 
Price: $ 2.69
Serving Size: 1 Bar

Imagine bird feed stuck together with honey and then rolled completely flat - that is what this bar reminds me of. I don't really care that it's organic, I was more interested in the ingredient deck. I'm always on the hunt for a bar without dates and that has almonds, DING! This one was the winner, until I tasted it. It isn't bad per se, but it isn't good either. It's whatever. It gave me a little bit of energy to power through my 5:30AM strength and conditioning class, but I was okay only eating a few bites. The rest will be eaten when in starving around 3PM...not by choice, but because it was pricey and this Baller-on-a-budget won't waste like that!

Running. Food. Repeat.

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